Anyone else getting anxious about Natl Merit Finalists Announcement?

<p>Aren't high schools supposed to be notified Friday, Feb 2?</p>

<p>After Brandon was named a NMSF last Sept, I was thinking, "90% become Finalists," so I wasn't really concerned. But now that the announcement date is coming up, well . . . call it mother's anxiety or whatever! </p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>If his SAT was reflective of his PSAT score, he has a good GPA and good rec's from the school, you needn't worry.</p>

<p>I think those that have not made it have already been notified. (I know of one case at least). So I would say it it a case of no news is good news. So stop being anxious. I know - fat chance!</p>

<p>SBDad </p>

<p>B's composite SAT was 2330 (800CR/800M/730W) and his weighted GPA is 4.2249. I would think his recs would be good. But he had 1 C+ in 2nd quarter sophomore year (AP Bio). He went through a bad time that quarter through no fault of his own (long story!) However, that wasn't his semester score, which was a B, and he got a 4 on the AP exam, but of course that blemish is what has me a little worried.</p>

<p>swimcatsmom </p>

<p>Really? They would have already notified someone if he/she didn't make Finalist? Wow! I thought they didn't release that info until Feb. </p>

<p>If that is the case though, I will breathe a little easier!</p>

<p>Don't worry, he's a lock.</p>

<p>Did he get notified yet for Presidential Scholars Award? With his scores, he certainly was in the running.</p>

<p>If you don't know what it is, just do a search and current thread will come up.</p>

<p>No one sees semester grades...advice to parents: ignore them</p>

<p>He didn't make Presidential Scholars - his highest SAT score at one-sitting was only 1560 (800V/760M), and he's from Florida. </p>

<p>I didn't know about Presidential Scholars until recently . . . THAT is really difficult to qualify for, eh?</p>

<p>My brother is worried about making NMF after being NMSF...</p>

<p>218 PSAT
1980 SAT</p>

<p>He's cutting that 200 range a bit close :S</p>

<p>My daughter was a NMF with notably lower grades (and not just in her sophmore year) and slightly lower SATs. I really think that you don't have to worry. My guess is that half or more of the 10% who don't make it simply fail to complete the paperwork.</p>

<p>The two students I know of from our school who were NMSF and did not progress to NMF appear to have been eliminated because their grades were not commensurate with their PSATs/SATs. (And their GPAs weren't just "not stellar", they were more like "really bad".) So it's probably not a worry for Brandon!</p>

<p>One of my friends was eliminated this year, despite having a GPA UW of around 3.65 (4.2 W) in all AP classes and decent ecs, because he got a 1980 on his SAT. So they really do enforce that 2000 mark pretty strictly, it seems. </p>

<p>But if you haven't been contacted yet, you're probably safe.</p>

<p>I read on a previous thread that the total of CR and math is more important than the writing for NMF. Not sure how accurate this is but it would be in line with every other scholarship I have seen.</p>

<p>Wow, didn't know about the 2000 threshold for SATs. I guess that makes a lot of sense, though. </p>

<p>I'm truly amazed NM has already been notifying those who didn't make finalist. Wonder why they do that before the official announcement of the finalists. </p>

<p>Anyway, you all have made me feel better. I know, it's kind of dumb to worry about it, because what will be will be. But thanks so much for all of the great input!</p>

<p>Unless Brandon wants to go to one of the schools that offers generous scholarships for NMF, the NMF designation, while nice to have, is probably the least important thing on a student's entire application. It just doesn't matter for anything but the scholarships, which are frequently not at the schools the student wants to attend.</p>

<p>Wish my D had a chance of being a NMF. Our state Us (one of which she will be attending) give almost full rides.</p>

<p>Momofwild child:</p>

<p>Vanderbilt and University of Florida - 2 of the schools B has applied to - are NMF schools. Vanderbilt has pretty good merit $ for NMF, from what I understand. </p>

<p>Yeah, I know the National Merit scholarship itself isn't much and isn't renewable. But . . . </p>

<p>If he makes NMF, that's another honor that could possibly help him win some scholarships he's applied for from local organizations, which are fairly generous. One is $5K per year for 4 years, while another is $6K per year for 4 years. B is one of only 3 in our county - and the only one in the city we live in - to have made NMSF this year. </p>

<p>So it could be a big thing for him.</p>

<p>My S received a letter today from a college he has already been admitted to. In the letter they told him he was a NMF. Seems a bit strange the colleges know before the students or high schools are notified.</p>

<p>If the student is NMF and undecided on college choice, will schools that accept the student and offer $ for NMF include that in their financial aid offers?</p>

<p>I almost forgot all about NMF. D was accepted EA to Yale, her first choice, so it won't mean anything anyway. At this point I'm sure she could care less.</p>