Anyone else going to try and reuse their Chicago essay for other schools?

<p>I did #2 (language) so I'm pretty sure that with a little work, I can generalize it and use it for other essays. </p>

<p>How about you guys?</p>

<p>I think its too risky. chicago's essay questions are pretty famous and admission officers won't be too happy ifthey notice it, since you're basically saying that chicago is more important to you than their school</p>

<p>I created my own prompt to suit a very odd essay I'd previously written which depicted me perfectly. I can't imagine Chicago would think I tried to edit a general personal statement to their app; I simply had a perfect statement pre-written.</p>

<p>Anyway, my Chicago essay will probably show up on other apps because I cannot imagine me writing anything more thoughtful or better than it to convey my personality.</p>

<p>Certainly! My Chicago essay is the paramount of my literary endeavors.</p>