Anyone else have an advisor who doesn't know what they're doing???

<p>I am a music major and I have a non-music faculty advisor. Sophomore year we switch to music advisors, which will be so much better. Some know what they're doing, but many have no idea! They don't understand music credits and what we're allowed to and need to take. My advisor basically tried to screw up my degree plan and I'm double degree so I need to take certain things NOW not later and mess it up and doesn't understand that music students are allowed to take more credits than non-music students because we have more requirements otherwise we might not be done in 4 years....anyone else have advisors that don't know what they're doing for people in your major? She tried to tell me I can only take 4 units (or 16 semester hours, for what most people on CC convert that to) like non-music people, but BM music people can take 5.5 units (22 semester hours). People in the School of Music say we can take 5.5, she didn't believe me and said the computer system won't let I went to the Registrar, guess who was right????? ME!!! I registered, and the computer let me do 5.5...haha non-music advisor! just had to vent about that, she tried to screw with my schedule and I'm sick of it, this happened scheduling 1st semester classes too with her.</p>

<p>My advisor tried to get me to take chem 1 lab and chem 2 lab at the same time. Chem 1L is a prereq for Chem 2L, not a co-req... sigh. I love my advisor, but he's crazy sometimes.</p>

<p>That is ridiculous, iluvpiano. Glad my school doesn't do something like that with advising. I've at least had a music advisor since I got to school, even if I didn't have the same advisor this semester.</p>

<p>Nope, at my university, you get an adviser who teaches in the field you're majoring in. My faculty adviser is my professor for my animal science class (and animal science is what I'm majoring in), although for course scheduling and fulfilling major requirements, I'm supposed to go see a staff adviser, and each major has their own set of staff advisers, as well as peer advisers.</p>

<p>I remember asking my advisor if they knew anything about the concentration in electronic materials. She told me she didn't know anything about it. Two years later I found out she was in charge of the concentration.</p>

<p>My advisor is amazing, she's just a general advisor, not in my major (we get those when we declare our major), but she knows most everything for freshmen and isn't afraid to admit when she doesn't.</p>

<p>On the other hand my good friend has the advisor from hell. First, she's pre-med so she wants to have a competitive schedule. Well she goes in and tells him she needs to take the general reqs for spring semester - bio 2, chem 2, bio lab 2, chem lab 2, and stats. "Well," her advisor says, "there's 12 credits! Bye!" She was like excuse me?? I need a rigorous schedule why are you trying to kick me out of your office at the bare minimum?! Well anyways, she finally gets him to recommend some good gen eds to take, and she goes, but he never took the hold for "meeting with an advisor" off her account. So when her time came to enroll for classes, she couldn't get any seats in her classes. She was frantic trying to get on the phone with him all day (I mean, all he had to do was go on his computer and check some boxes). He finally did it, but then she got a letter from the advising office saying he had dropped her because he "couldn't handle her difficult requests." ***? Who knew advisors even could drop their students?? Now she has to go find an advisor willing to add her to their already crazy work load.</p>

<p>I've never had an advising appointment turn out like you guys have described. But I have had an adviser in the past who always seemed like he couldn't wait to get done with the appointment and never seemed like he cared about the questions I had or how I was doing in my courses.</p>