Anyone else have problems with their FSUID?

<p>I'm trying to activate my permeanet FSUID, so i can pay my admissions deposit, but it seems that no matter what i do, the site will say that i'm entering invalid information, and won't let me create my FSUID.</p>

<p>Anyone else having trouble with this process?</p>

<p>I was having this problem too after being accepted, still haven’t tried to log on again</p>

<p>That happened to me, I called FSU to reset mine and now it’s working again</p>

<p>Just a heads-up but some of the FSU systems are undergoing maintenance over the break. I don’t remember which ones or when specifically, but that may be part of the reason for the issues activating FSUID’s. </p>

<p>Most of FSU’s systems are also unavailable from 12am to 8am every night, so if you’re trying to create your FSUID after midnight and it doesn’t work right, that’s a possible reason. :)</p>