anyone else have something like this

<p>Has anyone ever had a bad quarter grade that totally skewed and lowered the final grade. I currently have a B+ in chemistry (I have low A- for the other 3 quarters) and I just took the final test for the 4th quarter and I think I did rather badly. He isn't a very good teacher, and I didn't really understand the concepts well enough. His final exam is probably tough... How much should I worry about the grade? (even though I have low A- for all the other quarters).</p>

<p>The same thing is happening for me in english. I had a A- for three quarters (she said it would be an A if I participated more) but currently have a B+ because I got a 36/50 on a multi choice test. I also just got a 44/50 on a poetry paper and turned in a film paper. How much should I be worried? The final exam is like 150 points.</p>

<p>Anyone stuck or have been stuck in a similar situation when the year grade did not turn in your favor?</p>


<p>If you're worried about how these dips will play in the eyes of the AdComs, I think you have to realize that they look much more at the big picture than any one thing in a student's application. So, you have a B+ in Chemistry and English after maintaining an A- for the rest of the year; that by itself is not a very big deal. If it is part of a larger trend that they would see in your transcript, that may be more concerning. But if it's balanced out with a very competitive school or schedule, or some ancillary circumstance, again, not as big a deal.</p>

<p>I think you would do well to take a look at the larger picture of yourself that the AdComs will be presented with through your application. In most cases (with the possible exception being huge state schools that must churn through an enormous number of applications), the colleges really want to get to know YOU in all your multifarious glory.</p>

<p>Do you know for sure that quarter grades show on your official transcript? In our school system, only final grades are visible, at least for completed school years.</p>

<p>If your quarter grades are shown on your transcript, it shouldn't be too big of a deal (though it's somewhat of a downward trend). I had the same thing in Bio one year, but the opposite. I had a B- first quarter and B+ second, then A's the other two quarters and then the only A in the class on the final and still got a B for the year. I still got into college. Honestly post #3 is right. As long as this past quarter isn't the beginning of a downward cycle, you'll be fine. Start over next year and work hard to get A's and you'll be fine.</p>

<p>no, colleges don't see the quarter grades... I'm just stressed as to what my final grade is... Last year, in AP World History, I got B+ B+ A- A- (the first B+ was an 87 but I did well last quarter) and I got an A- year grade</p>