Anyone else having trouble finding internships ?

<p>I have been searching for internships since January ! It's May now and I still haven't secured a position. I don't ask for anything fancy, just an unpaid internship in the media sector.
I tailor each resume and cover letter for the specific position and company. I put my heart out in each application but after I click the SEND button, I feel like my application is going into a black hole (corporate websites). I don't have many personal connections so I mostly find information through the company's official website. I also use websites like,,...
Anyone else is in my situation ?
Also, if you have an internship, can you share some advices and how did you get it ?

<p>It's really hard to break into the media world. If I were you, I would start making Youtube videos and get famous that way.</p>

<p>Go to your career center; find an alumni directory and go that route; it is impossible to get an internship without some kind of connection</p>

<p>i was rejected from practically every single internship i applied to too. i'm a junior math major and physics minor. i applied to a bunch of finance, accounting, and it/cs positions. i have a lot of experience in it and cs, so i thought i would at least be able to get something.</p>

<p>what year are you?</p>

<p>At least for me this year seemed a lot harder than previous years. In the past, I would apply to a few places and something would fall into place by March or so. This year (I am currently a junior), I started applying in the fall semester and was not rejected, but rather did not hear back from a majority of the places I applied to. I also felt like the corporations' websites were a black hole. I received some assistance from my college career center, but I am abroad so I had to do everything by email. I applied to at least 20 internships. In the end, I saw something listed on Craigslist that linked to the company's website (Craigslist has a function where you can search for internships, its under "Jobs"). The job had a specific major requirement that I didn't fit, but I applied anyways and the next morning had an email offering an interview. I eventually ended up receiving the job and its probably the best fit for me out of everything I applied for. My advice would be to keep looking, keep applying, and consider both conventional and nonconventional sources. Good luck!</p>

<p>My daughter got two internships without connections, so it is possible. She had an internship with Martha Stewart Living after her junior year at Syracuse, and at O the Oprah Magazine after her senior year. And she was just hired at So it's possible. She overheard a conversation in the elevator (Hearst Building, NYC) between two people who had been trying to fill a position. They were discussing the letters they received from potential employees. They were disappointed in the letters, comparing them to the letter they had received from the employee who was vacating the position, which they thought was a great letter. They wanted the letter to be a stand-out, and not just a form type letter. A job or internship in writing needs a great cover letter.</p>

<p>I am a junior. </p>

<p>Thank you for all the replies.</p>

<p>Update: I got a great internship in my college town. Thanks for all the advices</p>