Anyone else looking at Valpo?

<p>We took a visit today to valpo and were pretty impressed. It seemed like a quality school with a small school feel yet still Division 1 athletics. Any impressions from current students or parents of current students would be appreciated.</p>

<p>Hi I'm a parent, our son was accepted to valpo and he and I are going to visit on his April vacation. he'll be staying at a dorm and shadowing a student. we'll be there 4/19-22, I enjoyed doing much of the college search with him and i've heard only great things about Valpo. Also they provided him with a very nice pkg. </p>

<p>I'll let you know when we return.
Good Luck
Rich Boucher</p>

<p>S is accepted and we visited in February. Even in the depths of winter, the campus was beautiful, the people friendly, and we both liked it. All residence hall dining is now centralized in the brand new student union. Although it's only 3K undergrad, there is a wide range of majors, which will allow S to study engineering while continuing in concert band with french horn. Yes, it's in a small town, but Chicago is only ~an hour away via commuter train, so you won't be culturally deprived. I'm 100% comfortable if he chooses Valpo.</p>

<p>Hi, I was impressed with everything about Valpo, the people are very accommadating and my son enjoyed the stay and meeting with a french professor and an engineering professor. His concern seemed to be the lack of activity on campus, he really like the idea of city like Manhattan College where he was accepted as well. I think in terms of "how much is it gonna cost me" I can't help it I'm the Payor. The campus is beautiful, the food in the new union was great, and the response from Valpo from all departments has outdone any other college he has applied to. My wife and I are hoping he chooses the school.</p>