Anyone Else make it over

<p>to the new board?</p>

<p>I'm here, but I had to get a new name since it would not recognize me (tabby). Now I'm tabbyzmom. How's Tulane going for your S? My S visited a couple of Saturdays ago and once again, really enjoyed being there. It's one of his very top choices. Wonder if Alongfortheride found the new CC?</p>

<p>tabby, my son is loving it. Classes are going very well (he said he has straight A's at mid-term). Social life is great, he is always busy doing something with friends. And, he is hopefully on his way to become a new member of the Tulane Emergency Medical Service. He has made it through 3 rounds of interviews, and I think the last interview and decision time comes Saturday night. I am keeping my fingers crossed for him. It would be a great experience for him, a great resume builder for medical school admission, and he has a lot to offer the program.</p>

<p>hey concerneddad, what does your son say about his class and profess? Are the professors friendly has he had any interaction with them and are his classes small or big? I am a prospective student from the new orleans area and am hoping to attend tulane in the fall of 05'.</p>

<p>Sorry for the delay Bod213, I was out of town visiting my son at Tulane. This is what he has to say about his classes. His Bio and Chem are large, over 100 students, but the profs. are very accessible and friendly. He has about 80 students in his physics clas, and the prof. is also friendly. In his intermediate Spanish class there are only 20 students and he LOVES the prof. He says he is very funny.</p>

<p>The large class size in intro sciences is the norm for many schools. Even LACs can have 70 or 80 students in intro bio or chem. But, in total, he loves Tulane and New Orleans in general. Good luck on your application.</p>