Anyone else NOT hear yet?

<p>I know the decisions were mailed Thursday, and another kid in my school got his monday. I live in northern NJ and I'm curious if anyone else didn't get anything in the mail yet. Is it too early to call/email them? How much longer should I wait?</p>

<p>you can call on Thursday...</p>

<p>I haven't received anything yet and I'm in Westchester County and a bunch of other kids at my school all got their decisions.</p>

<p>Mail just came and still nothing in NY. I'm assuming it's a reject/waitlist since I don't think the priority mail envelope that acceptances were sent in would take this long. Collegestudent2b & Chrislax, did you get anything today?</p>

<p>Even regular mail shouldn't take this long - my S (NY) has heard nothing either and is assuming it's not good news. But he got an acceptance from another school today in a very large envelope via regular mail, which was postmarked Monday.</p>

<p>Yeah still nothing, I wasn't expecting to get in anyway, I'm still anxious though. I guess we'll see tomorrow</p>

<p>I actually got accepted! It came in the mail today. Don't know why it took so long though. After all of my waitlists, I am happy to have another option. Good luck to you guys too.</p>