Anyone else still in the dark?

<p>Our daughter has not heard anything from CCM yet. I know the acceptances (all of them?) have been emailed, and I know that many rejections have been mailed. On the admissions web page it just shows that all her information has been received and she will be notified when a decision has been made. Strange…</p>

<p>artheartmom - right now 'no news is good news'! It is most likely that if did they not "want" your D, she would have heard by now. It seems that she is in the "may be" pile :), which is huge! I am also hearing that very few girls have had actually those "yes" emails (4 sofar that I know). Also remember that some people hear from CCM as late as 1 month after everybody else. We will keep fingers & toes crossed for your D here in CA :D!</p>

<p>I'm in the same boat.</p>

<p>OK - I stand corrected, my D just texted me that one of her friends was accepted and that there were 8 girls now. Not sure if all of them will actually be going; for example my D's friend is still waiting to hear from UMich which would be her first choice. Anyway, thought I'd let you know.</p>

<p>I have not heard either. My friend who goes to CCM said that all acceptances have already been sent (and received). So not hearing may be a possible wait list or late rejection...</p>

<p>it's been over a month and still nothing. I wonder if it's worth a call to their admissions office...any thoughts?? thanks.</p>

<p>artheartmom - I don't think it would hurt for your D or S to follow up with an email reiterating her/his interest at this point, and why she/he would be a good fit for the school. </p>

<p>Although as epo9 alludes, all invites may have gone out, it is entirely possible that someone may be waiting for other acceptances (I know in fact of one girl, who is waiting/hoping to hear from CMU) and decide not to go to CCM after all.</p>

<p>Just an idea :).</p>

<p>On Facebook there is a group called CCM Musical Theater 2012 that lists 27 kids who apparently have been accepted.</p>

<p>The 27 member ccm class of 2012 on facebook includes students in previous classes of ccm. You have to look at the dates they are graduating from CCM. 21 students make up the acceptances for class of 2012. 6 students are from previous years. 12 boys and 9 girls have already been accepted. My d still in the dark. Anyone else still waiting?</p>

<p>unmekidd - From what I understand CCM indeed sent out letters of acceptance to all those for their "ideal class of 2012". That said, they also realize that it is very possible that someone may turn them down. Yes, it does happen :), which is why they will keep a small group 'in the dark'. CCM is known to subsequently offer acceptance to someone, who, like your D is still waiting. CCM just does not work with a "formal" waiting list. I think last year someone heard as late as one month after everyone else. Hope this helps. Even though "no news is still good news", odds are slim (but they always were :)), but, if a spot opens up, not impossible :).</p>

<p>mtgrlsmom. thanks for your words of encouragement while still grounded in reality. it's so hard isn't it to wait for your d's dreams to come true. has your d or s received word from anywhere? again, thank you from one mom to another.</p>

<p>unmekidd - yes, my D chose to do the bulk of her auditions in the fall. She actually was rejected at CCM, but made it into other schools, so things do tend to work out in the end :D. Totally get what you are going through and will be keeping fingers and toes crossed!</p>

<p>thank you so much mtgirlsmom for your hopes and wishes. so glad to hear your daughter got in to so many schools of her chioce. es i subscribe to the mantra "it all works out in the end." best success</p>

<p>Just saw on facebook mt class of 2012 that a student said Mr. Berg stated he made 26 acceptances in total. The student continued that Mr. Berg knows he might not get everyone, as he figured he would end up with 20 but that's fine with him as he is not doing a formal wait list......That said there are 12 boys and 9 girls accepted on the facebook ccm class 2012. Would you think that one can conclude that five more spots are being offered?</p>

<p>my daughter called yesterday and found out she was not accepted. the person she spoke with said they are keeping a few people on a wait list - maybe unofficially - but that if you were on that list he couldn't tell you anything else. good luck to everyone still in the dark!</p>

<p>unmekid wrote:</p>

That said there are 12 boys and 9 girls accepted on the facebook ccm class 2012. Would you think that one can conclude that five more spots are being offered?


<p>I don't know that you could conclude that because not every kid who is accepted into a program posts on facebook about it. These message boards are real informative to get a pulse on things but are not the definitive total picture.</p>

<p>soozievt: You make a valid point. I suppose I am just a mom attempting to remain optimistic for my d. As one wise mother suggested in an earlier post "all we can do is be like a soft landing for our children". I loved that metaphor.</p>

<p>unmekidd...I also optimisic by nature thought am also realistic about this process. </p>

<p>In any case, while it is heresay, the kid who posted on facebook said that Mr. Berg HAD made 26 offers which means 26 offers went out (if that is an accurate statement but ya never know as it is second hand). So, in my view, that does NOT imply that there are five more offers to be made just because there are only 21 kids who joined an accepted CCM facebook group. What is indicates to me is that 26 offers went out with the hopes of yielding 20 new students. The fact that some applicants still have not yet heard from CCM would be due to CCM holding onto some "just in case" they don't yield 20. If your child is still being held, that is a good sign that she would be considered if CCM doesn't yield the desired 20. Again, the fact that 21 are on facebook doesn't mean a lot because not every kid posts this sort of information. I know my kids do not. I read a forum for my older D's specialized grad admissions process and have watched decisions coming out and results and they give me some idea but for example, none of her results have been posted, and thus the message boards do not represent the entire picture. Also, remember that of the 21 kids posting on the accepted CCM group on facebook, some also likely received other acceptances and may decide to attend elsewhere (though CCM likely has a high yield rate). Good luck to your D. Hopefully she likes many schools on her list and her hopes are not riding on this one school.</p>

<p>thanks soozievt for your realistic view point</p>

<p>Sorry for not proofreading my post, yikes! Lots of mistakes.</p>