Anyone else still waiting on grades?

<p>I thought instructors deadline to submit grades was one week after finals, which was this past Friday no? Well anyways it's Sunday today and my instructor still hasn't even set up the gradebook yet :( Still waiting on my last grade, sigh.</p>

<p>im waitin on 2. chillax homes</p>

<p>Last quarter I didn't even get one of my grades until 5 weeks into spring quarter.</p>

<p>Still waiting for a grade too. The final was Tuesday of finals week so it's been almost two weeks, don't know what's taking so long.</p>

<p>Yep, still waiting. CS 32 grade with Smallberg is the last one.</p>

<p>Yup, one more to go.</p>

<p>three for me. *** is that? if I turn in **** late I get penalized, but they can take sweet time putting up my grades? arseholes. tomorrow I start summer school too.</p>

<p>you gotta love how college confidential restricts our freedom of speech by arbitrarily choosing words to block out</p>