Anyone else still waiting on SJSU?

I am getting kind of worried since I am yet to receive my SJSU result. I did apply CS, in-state (very close to campus) and my scores were at the range (not really better/worse). Either way, I feel like I should have easily been able to make it to my alternate major at the very least and I am now getting kind of worried since it is the beginning of march and they stated that decisions would be out by the end of Feb.

Should I begin to assume I was just rejected?

I feel for you hanging like this. Have you checked your eligibility index? SJSU have released the 2020 figures and you can check your selected majors here

I’ve been following this thread

and there are a few CS applicants who were accepted on 21/22 February. If you missed the EI for CS but met it for your second choice then hopefully you are being considered for that but I’m sorry I have idea how they handle second choices. Good luck and I hope you hear soon.

UPDATE: new wave is out and it was a rejection :frowning:

Yep got rejected as well. I’m not going to let this take me down and it shouldn’t affect anyone else reading this. There are plenty of schools that hopefully, you applied too and plenty of schools who will gladly accept you. Stay strong, not the end of the world!

I’m just worried. I guess I got my hopes up after getting UCR yesterday and just assumed SJSU was in the bag now. Really disappointed.