Anyone else tired of Harvard vs. Yale vs. Princeton hate?

<p>Now that the college process is finally over and I've decided to go to Yale, all I seem to hear about are the constant arguments about which school has the better undergraduate experience: Harvard, Princeton, or Yale. </p>

<p>And honestly, I don't really care. I didn't choose Yale because I was comparing it to the other schools. I chose Yale because I simply love the school. Isn't that enough?</p>

<p>All three are awesome schools, as are the rest of the ivies and Stanford and MIT. I don't get why people constantly feel the need to throw around names and be so hostile about it. I don't think people really understand what "Harvard", "Yale", or "Princeton" really mean. It's not just a name. its an ENTIRE school. These are ENTIRE AMAZING INSTITUTIONS that we were all so incredibly lucky to have accepted to. If only all the MILLIONS of college-bound students in the US could have been so lucky to be able to leisurely debate about which of these WORLD RENOWNED institutions is the best! </p>

<p>Think about it: the only people who care which one is the "best" are the 6,000 or so students who have actually been admitted. 6,000 out of MILLIONS. </p>

<p>I think we need to keep this in perspective, or risk sounding incredibly obnoxious. I don't hate Harvard or Princeton or any of the other schools. I think they're amazing places, and I think Yale is an amazing place. I don't think Yale is better than them, and I don't think they are better than Yale. </p>

<p>Yale had the absolute PERFECT major for me: Economics and Math. I love economics, but I was also very interested in the econometrics, and this major really made my major choice easy. Also, because we can double major at Yale, I can easily pair that major with International Studies or Political Science, since I plan on going to law school later.
Yale also has the best college level debate team in the United States, possibly in the whole world, and being that I want to be a politician, what better training ground for political debates could there possibly be? Yale also has AMAZING abroad-study programs and really easy access to graduate school research projects, which were also very important aspects in my college decision.
And finally, Yale has Greek life. yayyyyy <3 </p>

<p>I think we should all just take a moment to be grateful for the INCREDIBLE opportunity that we have each been blessed with, and no matter which institution you choose, you should enjoy the time that you have there and make the best of it that you possibly can.</p>

<p>For me, and I think for a lot of people, it's kind of a fun joke. We're all smart enough to get into Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, so we all know that they're basically equally amazing schools. It's just fun to talk about why your school is the best, even just jokingly.</p>

<p>The competitiveness between the three just makes me love yale even more</p>

<p>This is why everyone should go to Dartmouth. :) nobody really knows about it, nobody really has a rivalry against it. it's an ignored but blissful corner of the ivies. :)</p>

<p>Harvard and Princeton would both offer slightly stronger math and econ, but I agree, at the undergrad level, there is probably not too much of a difference*</p>

<p>*unless you're very, very good at math, in which case Harvard would probably be the best choice</p>

<p>Harvard offers better pure sciences, Princeton offers better engineering, Yale offers better....? The fact that I can't even answer the last part probably explains why I didn't apply.</p>

<p>how about history? english? theater? college newspaper? yeah stop talking.</p>

<p>Why are you hating good sir/ma'am? The OP wanted harvard so badly and then got D-D-D-DENIED, so don't hate.</p>

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<p>This is fun and all, but if you're really a yale student then why are you wasting so much time on someone who may or may not go to school in cambridge?</p>