Anyone else undergoing a 'I'm not going to get in anywhere' stage of thinking?

<p>I'm a US dual citizen who has been brought up in Australia. I'm URM, IB diploma (Dux of my school), solid 95th percentile SAT and I've applied to 12 US universities from reaches (like Georgetown) to much more reach-able schools. I was also already accepted to the University of Melbourne. However I'm still having a freak out that I won't get in anywhere, anyone else experiencing this?</p>

<p>I mean obviously I did get in to Georgetown EA, but I played an extremely risky game, with G’town being the only app I finished and sent in until December 15. If I got deferred then it would have been a mad dash to apply to safeties.</p>

<p>I know based on my experience I wasn’t able to do this, but just try and forget about it at least until the week of decisions.</p>

<p>Trust the process - you will get into a wonderful school. My daughter and I panicked when she was deferred from Dartmouth and she shot off a number of applications to additional schools fearing that her list was insufficient. She was admitted to all of the extra schools she applied to and all the safeties and most of the reaches are her original list. She didn’t even consider the extra schools and had a hard time deciding among the admittances on her original list. In retrospect I wish I had encouraged her to trust the process (which is what my husband kept saying) instead of matching her anxiety when that early deferral arrived. Good luck to you and try not to stress! </p>

<p>Everyone has those moments; you’re definitely not alone. The only thing that applicants have control over is how they prepare and present themselves when it comes time to apply. If you’ve done your best (I would assume you have), then you have nothing to worry about. Like avarose said, trust the process. Best of luck.</p>