Anyone else waiting over two months now?

<p>My friend applied pretty much a week ago and already got accepted. My weighted GPA is 3.755 and my SAT is 1810 out of 2400 so I guess I'm kinda borderline but dammit take me out of limbo Penn State! lol</p>

<p>I applied eight days ago and was accepted yesterday. However, my friend applied within the first week the online application process was open and still has not heard. To be completely honest, it has to do with your stats. My friend has around a 3.6 gpa and a 1800 on his SAT. To his defense he goes to one of the top schools in Pa, which gets about 150 applications to PSU a year. Be optimistic, your stats seem on par with a PSU student. If you applied for the summer classes too that will help.</p>

<p>I'm with you...I applied in early September with nearly identical stats (same GPA 1890 SAT) and am still seems like those applying in November are getting quicker decisions!</p>

<p>same as me..i have the same gpa and a 1810 tooo and am still waiting. im getting impatient but yeah i guess it does have to do with that were more borderline and are probably throwing us off to the side for now. Even thoguh we are in range according to their website and whenever i speak to people. I checked off summer but am really hoping im admitted for the fall session. we just have to keep waiting!! im trying to be patient but hope to hear at least in december.</p>

<p>yea i checked off summer im just getting a lil frustrated lol oh well patience is a virtue right? haha</p>

<p>I've been waiting about a month, with about the same stats as you; 3.667 weighted GPA and a 34 on the ACT. I checked off summer as well. I'm guessing the fact that I applied for business isn't helping...</p>

<p>i submitted my application in early sept. and still haven't heard anything even though i checked off summer session. i have a 3.7 and 1920 sats... i guess i'm borderline as well but i was thinking it may also have to do with your major?? a lot of people who have already been accepted applied for business, engineering, bio, and undecided. i applied for education, but i'm not sure if that has anything to do with this long wait!</p>

<p>I applied the 3rd week in October, OOS, 93.5 weighted avg, 1980 sat, 4 APs this year with a total of 7 by graduation - had hoped I would have heard something by now. Only thing is I didn't apply for summer session...I guess I should have</p>

<p>Milklover, I applied to education as well. I have heard education school isn't TOO competitive. I definately think you will get in with your stats</p>

<p>is the time you hear back actually affected by your major choice? because i applied about a month ago and selected the communications school with a major in journalism... i have similar stats to basically everyone who has posted here..</p>

<p>I applied sept. 15 with a 3.84 weighted gpa and 1920 sat and I stilllll haven't heard anything.</p>

<p>I applied Sept. 1.</p>

<p>I just checked the website and it now says "Your application is complete, all of your required materials are here, and we are reviewing your credentials. A decision will be available here as soon as one is made."</p>

<p>As far as DS was concerned, his application was complete on Sept 17. And after discovering the transcript snafu, a nice lady in the admissions office told me in early Nov that his application was complete and being forwarded to the review committee.</p>


<p>For a school that purports to offer "Rolling Admission", the wheels at Penn State seem to be "rolling" a bit slow these days.</p>

<p>^^ I agree! Very frustrating - especially since this is DS's #1!</p>

<p>Just a hunch, but I think that at or around the time the semster ends, many decisions will be sent out. Time will tell...</p>

<p>That's weird Grcxx3, I sent my application last Tuesday and it just changed to exactly the same message. Seems like admissions just waits and does all application updates on one day lol.</p>

<p>Tim - that's what I'm wondering. Given DS's transcripts were received at PSU in mid-July and not entered into the computer until I called in early have to wonder about how they handle the computer updates.</p>

<p>Mine was updated several weeks ago to that message.</p>

<p>I applied Septemeber 1st and still have not heard back yet. You would expect that ROLLING ADMISSIONS would give decisions to those who appliedd earlier (as that is how it is done as every other school) but alas I still have the "Your application is complete..." message.</p>