Anyone Else?

<p>Am I the only person on the entire site that's considering Truman this fall?</p>

<p>I am as well. I got a good offer, but the location is a turn off…</p>

<p>Truman doesn’t get a lot of traffic on CC. I think that is more of a function of it being a small state school. But obviously Truman gets its share of really good students.</p>

<p>My S is graduating from Truman this May. He really liked it there. He also got kind of tired of Kirksville, but he had a car and that helped a lot. If you have a car or have a friend with one, that helps a lot. Columbia not that far, and KC and Des Moines are accessible as well.</p>

<p>I’ve heard nothing but good things about the school itself. The academics are supposed to be great. The only real complaint I’ve heard is the location, but since I have a car I’m sure I’ll be making plenty of trips to other cities. Thanks, fallenchemist!</p>

<p>My D is still considering it. We live in Pennsylvania. It’s on the short list with 4 others. We visited around Labor Day and thought the school was wonderful. The price is right, even for OOS. I think there are lots of colleges in small towns. My S is in a city, but never leaves campus. I think you find what you need wherever you are. I wouldn’t let it scare you away if it’s the right fit.</p>

<p>storytime - I know, it is an incredible bargain for OOS. We are in Rhode Island. My son really knows his profs, and I should have also added that the benefit of a small college town like Kirksville is that you are “forced” (for lack of a better word) to really do a lot of activities with your fellow students without depending on having all the things a city offers. Again, there are certainly two sides to that coin, because over the course of 4 years you like having the more plentiful attractions from time to time. But he has driven to KC for baseball games, Des Moines for the zoo, and Columbia for concerts, more “normal” shopping, different restaurants, that kind of thing. One cannot help but become friends with students from all those places, so often kids crash at someone’s house there on a Friday and/or Saturday night from time to time.</p>

<p>All by way of saying I wouldn’t let the ruralness scare you off. If you put yourself into the mix and really get involved on campus, you will have a great experience and still have access to the other amenities of life from time to time, just enough to balance academics and on-campus life.</p>

My son is definitely going to apply next year, we are from Arizona. The price is about even with U Of A, but I like the much smaller academic feel