Anyone else?

<p>I'm Albion Bound in 2005!!! Gonna be a Brit!</p>

<p>Stats: 3.94 UW
33 ACT
AP: Euro, US, Bio, Calc, Stats, Lit
Tons of EC's, especially community service stuff and church leadership
Exc. teacher recs.
Varsity sports (FB, CC, T&F 4 years)</p>

<p>Also accepted at: UMich, MSU, Miami (OH), and UF (legacy).
Still waiting: Notre Dame (the only one that might make me change my mind!)</p>

<p>Albion's reputation for academics and personal attention won me over. I like the idea of not being another number and my profs knowing who I am without having to be in their face to become known.</p>

<p>Does anyone have their financial package from Albion yet? They were supposed to go out last week but....???</p>