Anyone ever appeal a grade/ask for a grade change?

<p>Hi Everyone,</p>

<p>I got myself into a rather bad situation this semester. I signed up for an elective called New Venture/Entrepreneurship-- sounded interesting and possibly useful as I own my own business on the side. Anyways, the main project of the class was to complete a realistic business plan. This project was worth 300/600 of the course points. </p>

<p>It was my understanding that the project was due on a specific day if you wanted to turn it in early for her to review, give feedback, and grade. From there, you could either accept the grade or work on it further to improve your grade. I didn't think I needed her feedback so I submitted it the last day it was due... was I in for a shock.</p>

<p>She not only criticized and embarrassed me in front of the class of 30, she said she wasn't going to give me any credit for my business plan. Apparently she decided to change the deadline or some sort of guideline in class and never put it in email or on Blackboard. I've missed class occasionally, I absolutely hate classes that are nothing more than an instructor reading a generic PowerPoint that I can download from the publisher's website. I thought she might have been joking or playing the "mean instructor" since she DID take my business plan.... but I just saw my grade on Blackboard and she did give me a zero. I don't understand why she even gave me the final to take.</p>

<p>I'm not sure what to do, but I'll appeal this if I have to. She doesn't have it written anywhere in the syllabus that late work will not be accepted or assigned a "0", if she is considering my work late. She does have in the syllabus that class attendance is not required and will not harm or benefit your final grade which I found to be interesting.</p>

<p>The sad thing is I assembled a really good business plan that could have been the best in the class.</p>

<p>Yes, on a homework problem I got double points taken off for the same thing. I told the teacher and he saw the mistake and gave me half credit back.</p>

<p>I once got a grade changed one letter grade up because I calculated out my final grade and based on how I did on quizzes, exams, projects, there was no way it could have been what was posted. The professor apologized, submitted a grade change form to administration, and it got changed. Yours is a more subjective case, however, so I'm not sure how it would be viewed.</p>

<p>I did, still waiting for replies though.</p>

<p>I did once, because for my a Calc exam, I did the algebra to the side, then plugged it in later, which confused my professor, so she marked the entire problem as wrong. All I had to do was take it to her and explain it and I got an additional 8 points.</p>

<p>My Calculus II professor forgot to drop our lowest midterm grade (and it mentioned on the syllabus that out of 3 midterms, she'd dropped the one with the lowest grade), and so everyone had a much lower grade than they had been expecting. Several people in my class asked her about it and she finally fixed it, but now we all have to wait for our real grade to show up on the school's system, since right now, it still has the wrong grade.</p>