Anyone ever try Couch Surfing?

<p>If so, how was it? Would you recommend it? And if you haven't, would you try it out?</p>

<p>Just wondering, because I recently found out about it, and it sounds AWESOME!</p>

<p>I just looked it up. That sounds kind of sketchy... letting a stranger you meet on the internet stay in your house/apartment? o_O</p>

<p>I've done it recently. Found a place to stay in Lyon, France for two nights, and it worked out just fine.</p>

<p>I would be too worried about stealing. It's a no for me. I've had people steal my stuff in the past and I have a lot of high end items.</p>

<p>Agreed on the sketchy factor.</p>

<p>@Vihzel, me too. I kinda just want to go stay in other peoples places to get a feel for it, then host later.</p>

<p>Most people would have irrational fears about coachsurfing, and even more would make irrational sweeping generalisations based on that one rape case a couple years ago, but I'm sure mostly everyone who's done it would recommend it. I hear a quite a few hippie types are in that, but other than that, should be all good and fine in my opinion. If I had time and money to waste, sure I'd do it, but time is money, and this takes up time and money. I just see it as like an organised hitchhiking... modern day iHippie trail... the wikileaks dude has done it quite a bit, as long as you find people with good referrals/vouches etc, give it a go.</p>

<p>Well, I was looking at it for when I study abroad so I can travel on weekends for cheap, or get to explore the U.S. while I'm here for cheaper.</p>

<p>If you have money, like money to pay 200-300 a week for a motel when ur host kicks u out go for it.
If not, no .</p>

<p>Wow sheesh people. You could just find a reliable host who has good reviews. Or if you're hosting, only take people with good reviews. There's an element of mutual trust in this whole endeavor, and obviously the people participating trust each other enough to do so.</p>

<p>I've done it a thousand times, well not that much but yeah lots of times and I am ok, Ive hosted and guested and all good. I wouldnt say Ive been lucky because I think most of the members are looking for the same cultural experience, I think the other ones have had bad luck.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that you have to be flexible, open minded and laid back to have a great time. I've had great experiences! with minimum flaws. Id say go for it!</p>

<p>I love couch surfing. It beats staying in a hotel or even a hostel. I don't think I would stay with someone who wasn't verified and highly recommended by other surfers.</p>

<p>I'm going to travel before and after I study abroad next year and I'm going to utilize couch surfing as much as possible. It's way more interesting to me to stay with someone who lives in whatever city I'm trying to really see.</p>

Does not murder people in their sleep! Don't worry...
five stars
He's totally not a rapist!
five stars
Won't sell you as a slave!
five stars</p>

<p>Really, just make sure they have good reviews. (and the people giving the reviews have other activity on their profiles, and aren't just trolls.)
I would recommend doing it once or twice somewhat close to home, just to get a feel for it. And if you're planning to use it for weekend trips, you obviously don't need to be worried about being 'stranded' for a couple of weeks and paying a ton of money ...</p>

<p>Haha thanks guys. I'm planning to meet up with people and get vouched for before I start trying to stay at peoples houses. I only wanna stay with verified people too.
Special thanks for all the...interesting comments:)</p>

<p>Yep! I love it! I only stay with people with who have good reviews and I never bring anything valuable when I travel so theft isn't ever a problem. I've met some awesome people couch surfing!</p>

<p>Oh and if you plan on traveling and really need a place to stay you can always stay in a hostel.</p>

<p>My advice? Don't</p>

<p>You'd be better off camping.</p>

<p>Staying with locals is definitely awesome! I would highly recommend it to anyone. It makes a huge difference to connect with local people when you travel. If you don't feel like staying in someone's house, you could still meet up with locals for coffee or a meal or even a tour of their favorite neighborhood. I actually use another site called, and they have a bunch of safety measures that make staying with locals a safe alternative. I say go for it!</p>