Anyone experienced feel like giving feedback on essays?

<p>see title; I can't decide which essay to use-- or whether I should scrap both and start over.</p>

<p>Not so experienced, but I could take a look at your essay,
I like reading essays :)</p>

<p>i'll help, just pm me</p>

<p>I'll help ;) Looking at CC essays has become rather a balm for me.</p>

<p>Just PM me.</p>

<p>PM me. I'd be happy to do it.</p>

<p>i'll do it</p>

<p>If you still need someone, I'll do it.</p>

<p>hi thanks for volunteering to read my college essay.
I tried to PM it to u, but ur inbox seems to be full.
Please give me an email address or something..!
Thanks :)</p>