Anyone experienced issues with starvation during class? Which makes a student loose focus

The only issue I had was during my first year Fall 2019 during college, while I was sitting in the classroom, hours later I got hungry. If I don’t stay fed I lose focus and want to go home badly. from 7 am till 1:30 pm, very hard to survive once you have an empty stomach.

I left my job months before going to CC, had no money left to buy myself food. But once the Pell grant refunds came that was not an issue.

I had to bring pop and dry snacks to eat during my hunger trials. It’s a really horrible moment, not having money to buy cafeteria food. Even though I ate at home that did not help 3 hours later got hungry.

I learned a lesson always bring dry snacks or food with you in case you get hungry.

Anyone experience this before?

You’re better off carrying water instead of soda. What kind of snacks do you pack? There are healthy snacks that don’t have to be refrigerated. Some suggestions: apples, peanut butter on plain crackers (or a peanut better and jelly sandwich), nuts, dried fruit, cheese cubes). The article has more ideas. You want foods with fiber and a lot of nutrients so they stay with you longer.


Not eating properly is a real issue. Even on the most wealthy campuses, you will find someone trying to shave money from their food budget to either send money home or to avoid borrowing money. It sounds like you have a refrigerator. Stock up on cold cuts.

Normal snacks like dry food. Slim jims, hot Cheetos, fiber bars, anything you would see at the grocery store. Coconut water favored Vietnam water comes in different flavors.

I’d buy a water bottle and fill it at home. That will save some money. Peanut butter on crackers is better than Cheetos. I’d eat an apple and some nuts instead of a granola bar. I think peanut butter and jelly is probably healthier than slim jim’s.

Have you tried researching healthy foods for college students that don’t need refrigeration? You’ll find some great ideas.

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I have to carry a small duffle bag, I also have those as well packed. But now campuses remain closed for now. I can snack and cook food all day and won’t go hungry at home :slight_smile:


Lots of colleges have places to get food for people that are food insecure. Research those. The above is great advice. For someone that doesn’t have a lot of money then water which is healthier and free is a better choice then fancy flavored water. If anything… Make your own with lemon, coconut water etc… Some protein not slim jym to keep you going. Talk to a doctor to check you out also for low blood sugar…