Anyone familiar with 'contingency'


<p>I am an in-state, transfer applicant for UW's winter quarter. I already know that if I am accepted it will be on a contingency because I am right now taking French II (basic admission requirement) at a CC. The class will not be officially completed until December 9th which hopefully we will all get a response before then! I am wondering if anyone is familiar with contingency, especially with UW? Like will it state that I am 'accepted on a contingency' on myuw or will nothing change and I'll have to wait for an official letter? </p>


<p>The official letter will definitely include any contingencies and the requirements for fulfilling them. If you are looking for a way to check this before you receive your admission letter, try running your Unofficial Transcripts on MyUW. If it says you are enrolled (or accepted, I am not sure what exactly it says right when you get accepted), then look at the first part of the transcript that says High School Subjects: It will list how many years you have completed and how many years you are deficient for each admission requirement. If you have 0 years deficient for all subjects then I think it is safe to assume you have admitted without contingency. If it does show a deficiency, you should be able to clear that up once you finish your quarter at the CC and your credits transfer.</p>

<p>Thank you for such a concise answer. I really appreciate you passing on the knowledge.</p>