Anyone get accepted here? anyone going? anyone know anything about this school?

<p>just wondering if anyone got accepted/is going/has an info. tell me whatever you know.</p>


<p>I live in Michigan, and here's what I know about tech...</p>

<p>It's cold, secluded, mostly guys, and it seems a lot of people that are in high school band go there. My Uncle went there for upper division undergrad about 20 years ago and he's a successful guy now...lives in Minnesota or I'd ask him to tell me more.</p>

<p>hi, I'm a senior in high school on Long Island in New York. I was accepted to MTU but i don't know if i'm going (waiting for other decisions). From what I've heard, MTU is a relatively fun place to be with very solid academics. Some stupids made this sitcom:
MTU</a> Sitcom Club - Download
It is pretty funny and shows the dorms and classes on campus. Also check out the facebook network. btw, I have a 3.3GPA, 710 Math, 720 Reading and 600 Writing.</p>