Anyone Get In?

<p>I applied EA and was accepted and offered a leadedrship scholarship (5k) and the Henry Wells Scholar thing. Anyone else apply? Does anyone have any info on the school? I've yet to visit although I will go up for the Henry Wells Award ceremony on March 4th. Hope to hear some replies!!</p>

<p>I will be applying, but now I am currently getting the reccomendations together.</p>

<p>A friend of mine got rejected. It was expected, but not by him. He ranks below the top half, has around a 1400 new SAT score, has a 79 or 80 GPA, and has one steady extracurricular (theater). Because he has been involved in theater since freshman year, he thought he'd be a shoo-in, since it shows commitment. </p>

<p>Yeah, some people just don't get it.. </p>

<p>He was the only student from my school to apply, so I don't know of anyone who has gotten in!</p>

<p>I got in and I should be going to the Henry Wells thing. I'll probaly call today, but all the schools that payed to fly me over gave me a task I had to do or flight info. All they said is that they will pay, am I supposed to do anything or should I just wait?</p>

<p>Ha, nevermind...</p>

<p>I got in. I was just rejected from my ED2 school, so its very likely that I will be going here... Dunno yet. I want to see where else I've gotten in</p>