anyone get mail from CB today?

<p>wasnt the college board suppose to mail out the official sat results today? im on the east coast and i didnt receive the mail yet.</p>

<p>well if they send them out today, they wont arrive today...</p>

<p>I thought I saw somewhere that they were mailing the scores on October 30th, which is tomorrow. I'm assuming it'll take 3 mailing days to get to places in the Princeton, NJ region, and longer the further away from there you are.</p>

<p>how are they gonna mail scores they don't have??? MY SCORES AREN'T EVEN IN THE DATABASE YET.... UGH UGH UGH... DIE COLLEGEBOARD DIE.</p>

<p>no, not yet</p>

<p>yea i got mine

<p>I got mine 10.30.04, west coast</p>

<p>I got mine! 100 points better YAY!</p>

<p>I got mine... the scale for verbal was 800 800 800 790 (I missed 3 and got a 790)</p>

<p> daughter took the Oct SAT and we saw her scores on the online CB site. We have not yet received the paper copies. How did you find the scale you mentioned ? Is it on the paper copies or somewhere else ?</p>

<p>I got mine today (October 30) in Wyoming, but the CollegeBoard actually sent me 4 copies. No idea why....</p>

<p>RazorbackRon, no, hiya saw that missing 3 was a 790, so anything less that was an 800.</p>

<p>I got my scores in the mail today (SATIIs) -- 800/800/770..</p>

<p>Damn you, Spanish! :)</p>

<p>can someone post the math and verbal curve down to 650 on each please?</p>