anyone get off the waitlist?

<p>jw if anyone has gotten off any waitlist and what school:)</p>

<p>as well-is there a good chance of getting in (although im guessing not) If I late apply to a school (like loomis chaffee) :-D</p>

<p>my s tried as a late applicant to Tabor , a few days ago they told us there will be any openings</p>

<p>How did your son do with other applicants, willy?</p>

<p>very hard : 3 waitlists 3 rejected so finally as a late applicant 1 accepted! Ouff!</p>

<p>chirp chirp ....</p>

<p>willy -- Did your son apply as a late applicant and receive acceptance already? If yes, which school if you don't mind my asking. Thank you.</p>

<p>Yes, I was accepted to Choate! :)</p>

<p>NO word for us--one late application in and waiting on probable wait list spot babydoll said...arghh...whatever happened to her- I am assuming she is in same boat...transcripts come out next week so we are sending those in hoping strong finish will impress them but it seems likely it will be next year...though as many people said they sometimes get spots as late as August and even Sept.. a bit late but good things come to those who wait? Do they? Well to Olivia anyway...good luck all...I am thinking that mid-June is the end of any hope...other than a lottery like chance..

<p>BTW- nice id little Bo</p>

<p>didnt get into milton...sent me a letter also thats the 2007 enrollement is full.</p>

<p>im going to exeter but applied to lawrenceville.
i was waitlisted at lawrenceville
and they recently sent me a letter
that was like they had no more space and what not,</p>

<p>dont really care cuz exeter was my first choice</p>