Anyone get the Harvard viewbook?

<p>I just got it today, it's a monster, lol. I had grabbed a University of California viewbook covering all their campuses and it was shorter than Harvard's. Once again, Harvard trumps. It's a really nice book and seems very warming. What'd u guys think?</p>

<p>Is it posted online?</p>

<p>Viewbook online:</p>

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<p>I see that there has been a SLIGHT revision of the statement on standardized test scores and their use in the admission process. </p>

If you submit more than one set of scores for any of the required tests, the Admissions Committee considers only your best scores—even if your strongest SAT Subject Tests or portions of the SAT Reasoning Test were taken on different dates.


<p>That makes Harvard's "superscoring" policy a bit more clear.</p>

<p>Ya, they sent out over a hundred thousand I hear.</p>

<p>i got my viewbook from the athletics dept. quotes from current students are the best part. definitely jealous of the student who had dinner with the former PM of new zealand.</p>

<p>how about the kid who said. I am not intimidated by my peers at all, I learn from them often. Classic viewbook material.</p>

<p>I learned from my peers, but I was pretty darn intimidated by some of them at first. I didn't need to be, because they were very normal once you got to know them, but it's only natural to feel kind of intimidated at the beginning. Practically every Harvard kid has at least one moment first semester when they feel like they were the admissions mistake.</p>

<p>did they send the viewbook to you? can you tell me how to get that viewbook please??? thanks</p>

<p>It's still online, in the latest version. </p>

<p>Harvard</a> College Admissions Office: frequently asked questions </p>

<p>Usually the Harvard viewbook is passed out at Harvard information sessions in various places around the world. I suppose you could also request it by mail, but I would just look at it online. I'll post information about Harvard information sessions in my seasonal thread on college information sessions </p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> </p>

<p>as that information becomes available.</p>

<p>that original website for the viewbook didnt work, does anyone have a more recent website that will work?</p>

<p>Funny Harvard Crimson story about an earlier edition of the viewbook, turned up by my Google search: </p>

<p>College</a> Covers Up Summers? Bad News in Brochure | The Harvard Crimson </p>

<p>I'm still looking for a current link to the online viewbook. Thanks for letting us know that the previous link is dead.</p>

<p>Can the viewbook be delivered by post?I prefer those paper viewbooks which are potable.</p>

<p>How can you take that viewbook? I visited the site of Harvard but it wasn't available...Is another way to take it?</p>

<p>I'm not sure what the latest policy of Harvard is regarding distributing viewbooks. The last mailing we saw from them seemed sparser on paper than some earlier mailings we have received. This is an old thread, and I guess much has changed from a few years ago, but Harvard still sends out tens of thousands of recruiting letters each year. </p>

<p>Good luck in your applications.</p>

<p>We were at an on-campus information session in April on the day Harvard announced they would require only two SAT-II tests; otherwise, it was said that requirements/recommendations would not change from the year before.</p>


<p>How is that even relevant? I'm a little confused.</p>

<p>Can I deliver a paper viewbook from Harvard?If i can how can I?</p>