Anyone going to Stetson next year?

<p>I'm really interested in Stetson and I'm surprised that there are no discussions here about Stetson. I'm wondering if there's anyone here who is planning on going or who has any information about Stetson. Does anyone here know about the Global Village residence? Thanks</p>

<p>My D has applied and been accepted to Stetson. She loved it on her campus visit and it is her #1 choice. We still have to see if we can make it work financially. She has applied to the honors program so if she gets that she will be in honors housing. She will be majoring in Marine Biology and possibly a minor in Theater. Very pretty campus and the staff seem very friendly.</p>

<p>Hope the FA letters come out soon.</p>

<p>Best of luck and hope that there are others on here going to Stetson (or are already there) and can give us some input.</p>

<p>I'm trying to decide if the Honors Progam is right for me. Why is your daughter interested in it? What perks were particularly attractive to her? I just got back from a visit and I loved the campus. I'm just really having trouble deciding where to go because I have a ton of merit money at Stetson, but I also got in to a lot of other really great places. Why is Stetson #1 for your daughter?</p>

<p>Stetson was the last campus we visited and although she had like most of them she didn't get the same feeling she did when she visited Stetson. She is in IB at our local HS so she was looking for smaller colleges and feels that the honors program will give her the same feeling as being in IB. She also feels that being in the honors program might give her an advantage with research/intern opportunities. Also the housing at Stetson wasn't the best we saw but she feels the housing in the HP is better in as much as the bathrooms are suite style and not down the corridor shared with so many more people. She is into horses and loves the area around Deland for that reason.</p>

<p>As a mum I like it for all of the above and the fact that she will only by 2.5 hours away from home. Some of the others she is looking at are 4 hours away. Campus has a very relaxed, friendly feel to it. </p>

<p>If the financials work for us she will definately be going to Stetson.</p>

<p>All great reasons. I think that being close to home is a big plus.</p>

<p>I am concerned that the general population may not be academic or internationally aware enough. I guess that Greek Life is huge and that partying is really big. I visited on an expenses paid trip, and I felt like there were certain aspects of Stetson life that they were trying to hide from me. </p>

<p>I'm really interested in having intellectual conversations and learning from my peers. I hope that Stetson will be a grab bag of opportunities for these meaningful interactions. I also want to join clubs like NOW, STAND, and Oxfam, all of which focus on human rights. I hope that these clubs are big and that their events are well attended. The above are my reservations. Other than that, I loved Stetson. The weather is great, it will be cheap for me, they have an international living learning community, and they appear to be improving every year.</p>

<p>If you were on an expenses paid trip to see Stetson does that mean you were one of those on the J Ollie Edmunds scholarship weekend? </p>

<p>Can I ask if you have received your final Financial letter yet? We're anxiously waiting for ours to find out if we can afford it.</p>

<p>Yes, I was an Edmunds finalist. I didn't win, but I got the Trustee Scholarship (full tuition) for being a finalist. I applied to Stetson in November and sent my Fafsa in January, but I didn't expect to get anything because I had a $29,000 per year presidential scholarship (awarded when I was accepted in late November or early December) before that. A few weeks ago, I was emailed a notice that my aid package was complete and I could view it online. As I expected, I was eligible for some loans.</p>

<p>When did you apply? I would imagine that you should get an email soon about your aid award.</p>

<p>I went through my email and I found the letter. It was sent to me on March 8th. It contains info about how to login and view your aid award. Have you logged in to recently?</p>

<p>My oldest D is about to graduate from Stetson so I am very experienced with the school. We live only 40 minutes away so I visit often. She originally went to UF but transferred to Stetson her junior year. She absolutely loves everything about it. I would definitely not call it a party school as she and her friends are extremely academically oriented. With the small intimate campus, it was easy for her to be really involved in various groups and develop strong relationships with her professors. She's a science major and has had two great internships. They have an amazing amount to offer for a small school.</p>

<p>Thank you so much cpr777. I just sent in my deposit, and I expect to attend Stetson this fall. I'm really hoping that I will love it, and I can't wait to take advantage of what they have to offer.</p>

<p>My D and I were up at Stetson on Friday and Saturday. Friday was for interviews for the Bonner Award and Saturday was their Accepted Students Day. We had a lovely time and Stetson is certainly her number one choice. Campus is beautiful and everyone is so helpful and friendly. We are hoping that she gets the Bonner award and if so we will be sending our deposit at the end of the week.</p>

<p>cpr777 thanks for your input and we feel the same about Stetson - not a huge party school, wonderful faculty and great opportunities for those willing to take them. My D will also be a science Major. She is very excited and I hope we can make it work for her.</p>

<p>GO HATTERS !!!</p>

<p>@floridalady: Good luck to your daughter with the Bonner Award. It looks like you might be from Florida so don't forget that she'll get Bright Futures and the Florida Resident Access Grant which combined are about $6-7K per year, and which is on top of any scholarship she receives.</p>

<p>cpr777 yes we are in Florida and she has applied for both of those awards. We are outside the norm as far as our status in the US (not citizen or Green card holder but here on a visa) and Stetson have been very helpful and willing to help us in any way they can. She should hear soon about the Bonner award - so fingers crossed we hear some good news.</p>

<p>Lucky Floridians! My state doesn't have anything as good as those scholarships. Well good luck to you!</p>

<p>D heard on Wednesday night that she had been awarded the Bonner Scholarship and last night she paid her deposit.</p>

<p>She is now in the Honors and the Bonner Program and has signed up for the Honors housing.</p>

<p>She is delighted and really looking forward to her 4 years at Stetson.</p>

<p>Eloundon123 did you decide to go into the Honors Program?</p>

<p>Yes, I have decided to go into the Honors Program. I haven't signed up for classes yet though, so I don't know which section of the seminar I'll be in. I intend to live in Nemec's Global village! Congrats to your daughter on her Bonner Scholarship! That's really wonderful. Maybe she and I will cross paths this fall.</p>

<p>After receiving an offer of a 100% scholarship from Rollins College my D has decide to go there.</p>

<p>All the best at Stetson in the Fall.</p>

<p>Really, wow. Best of luck to her. Rollins trumps Stetson huh?</p>

<p>I wouldn't say Rollins trumps Stetson but financially from our point of of view it was an offer we couldn't refuse. She loved Stetson and the people are great but I think she will also settle in well at Rollins and they are very similar to each other. If Stetson had made her a similar offer I think she would have chosen Stetson, but they didn't and the balance left to pay while not huge this year would rise every year for the next 4 years.</p>

<p>The opportunites she will receive being a Cornell Scholar at Rollins were amazing, including the chance to study abroad (included in the scholarship), internships, research opportunities, first choice of classes, one on one mentoring with her professors and an upgrade in her dorm for 4 years.</p>

<p>Just wanted to say that D is extremely pleased to be attending Rollins - after reading back my previous post I made it sound like we felt Rollins was second best, we don't consider that to be the case at all. It's a wonderful school, beautiful campus and we are all very excited about her attending there in the Fall.</p>