Anyone going to U of Chicago on June 16?

<p>i just got my acceptance notification today. Im begginer japanese 1.
Is anyone else going to Chicago on the 16th?</p>

<p>I applied on the 14th.. I really want to know if I got in.. did you include ec's in your application?</p>

<p>nope. I think my school sent my stranscript on the 7th, one teacher sent the letter of reccomendation one the 8th, and one sent it one the 10th. I was suprised how quickly they got my appliation (i live in california and it only took them a few days to get each part of my application. Did you apply the 14th of this month? If you did, the you will probably hear back soon. Maybe this week or next week, but keep checking your email.</p>