Anyone got any great ideas?

<p>My son who is 18 years old is coming to visit a female friend who is a freshman at Georgetown. I've tried getting him a hotel reservation but they say he has to be 21 to check in. Does anyone know of an alternative? Staying in her room is not an option. Are there any empty dorm rooms or beds that can be rented for 4 nights? He is arriving on Thursday Nov. 11th and leaving on the 15th. I'd appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Thanks. Dawn</p>

<p>Does he have any male friends on campus? That's the only thing I can think of - sorry.</p>

<p>I'd get in touch with the university. They should be able to offer him accomodations for four nights.</p>

<p>What about his female friend finding a male friend who he can stay with? I have heard that she can register him in the dorm and it is free. My daughter has told me lots of kids stay in their dorm.</p>