Anyone got OOS tuition waiver or scholarships?

We are OOS so far we have not received any oos tuition discount or scholarships .
Ohio State University has a merit based scholarship that will get us about 15000$.
Does UW Madison offer any such scholarship or oos tuition discount?

Nothing for my dd. I understand that Wisconsin is stingy with oos students.

Wisconsin has reciprocity with Minn and may have some deals with other states for certain programs, and that’s about it.

My son is a National Merit Finalist, nothing from UW-Madison. MN offered $10,000/year. Sigh.

My son is in state but did not receive any financial aid either (outside of loans). I get the impression that UW-Madison does not give a lot of merit aid. This could be because of the free tuition program, but to be honest, I think it was that way even before Bucky’s Tuition Promise started.

@miapjp UW Madison gives $8000 to NMF. You need to designate UW as first choice.
UW Madison has many merit scholarships. You need to apply for them separately at WiSH scholarship hub. My 2 older kids received free tuition and my entering freshman NMF receives several scholarships that amount to a full ride at UW Madison, all from OOS.

U Wisconsin NMF scholarship is up to $8,000, not $8,000 guaranteed. Award is competitive (not automatic), as evidenced by recommendation to designate UW as first choice well before the actual deadline.

As an out-of-state student I received a Non-Resident Tuition Promise of 20,000. There’s a few programs out that help students get more of their tuition covered!

As a OOS, with the National Hispanic Merit Award, I applied and got the Power-Knapps scholarship that covers full tuition for 4 years.

The Chancellor’s schollarship is also available.

Hello Goose 15 , my daughter will also be a NHRP scholar . We live in Texas and one of her college choices is U of Wisconsin. Computer Science major. Top 5% in her highschool. 1450 SAT.
Would you mind sharing your stats ? And did you fill out a separate application? Thank you!
I’m hoping to see more stats of OOS applicants that received the Power-Knapps scholarship.