ANYone had the same version i did? maybe intl?

<li>verbal. 2 shot passages. and 1 long one</li>
<li>verbal. 35 q section. passage on masculine and femanine distinctions in words.</li>
<li>verbal - with double passage on cowboys.</li>
<li>verbal - passage on some new immigrants
7/ math</li>

<p>and i found this is to be EXTREME hard… this test is ****ing nuts…</p>

<p>any one?</p>

<p>cncm </p>

<p>i had the same test as you did! im from Canada too!</p>


<p>we also had the same test..
i think all intl had diff version. let me know,</p>

<p>same test...from vancouver canada...i found da vinci passage HARD and i made silly mistakes on gg..</p>

<p>arxael, im also from vancouver. where did u take your? i took mine at prince of wales.
how did u find the last passge? i thot it was a killer</p>

<p>thats me, yo..i took it at Richmond internation high...i should have taken it at pw...traffic was horrible..ummm da last passage was abt the rug girl rite..i understood the passage fully..but i jus couldnt find my answers... i found section 3 HARD...i didnt have enough time</p>

<p>sec 3 is experimental. dont worry</p>

<p>u sure? cuz..section 2 has 3 short passages..</p>