Anyone has or anyone have

<p>Is it gramatically correct to say anyone has or anyone have?</p>

<p>anyone has
anyONE so it's singular</p>

<p>I don't know... does anyone have the correct answer?</p>

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this post count thing is ruining my life.</p>

<p>Anyone have a light? <em>puff puff</em></p>


<p>When you say "does anyone have.......?", it is grammatically correct, just as "does he have....." because "does" is already used.
It is also correct to say "He does know it"; the use of "does" emphasizes the point that "he knows it".
Sorry if it sounds confusing....</p>

<p><em>puffpuff</em>? don't smoke!!</p>

<p>One has to wonder if anyone has the correct answer here...</p>