Anyone have a "Flip" Video Camera?

<p>I've considered buying one because it is so easy to tote around. I need small, simple to operate and simple to download onto the computer.</p>

<p>Questions I have:
- have you used it to shoot sports events -like a kid's soccer game? I can see me using it to video parts of my son's games or when my D is up to bat at baseball to show my husband when he can't attend. Quality?</p>

<li>how easy it it to burn to DVD? My son has to make a video (actually video clips) for a school project and wondered if the Flip would make this simple for us not-techies.</li>

<p>Any other things you really like or dislike about it?</p>

<p>I'm not hugely worried about pristine quality, but of course, would like a decent picture for viewing.</p>

<p>Any input appreciated!</p>

<p>bumping so it doesn't fall off the first page...</p>

<p>I love my Flip. I've had one for about 2 years. I not only video tape my D2's sports events, but I made her recruiting video from it. I actually import the individual segments to Windows Media and edited them there. However, I sometimes do have trouble downloading the video from the Flip to the computer. D1 had to send her Flip back because it wasn't downloading. </p>

<p>So this is a mixed message. Yes, I love it but there are some problems that keep cropping up.</p>

<p>I got myself a Flip after my daughter asked me to stop stealing hers all the time. She's managed to do all sorts of fancy stuff with hers (including school projects) while I'm still stumbling around doing the basics. I've had some problems downloading but nothing major. For the price, I think it's great!</p>

<p>I like it because it's basic & low-tech (easy for a non-techinically sophisticated person to use). I think that's their target market (get rid of the confusing bells & whistles).</p>

<p>It's excellent in that way. </p>

<p>Interesting re: the difficulty downloading to comp. We just ran into a prob w/that, after doing it successfully a number of times.</p>

<p>I've bought three on I got the first one for general family use at Christmas time and my oldest son took it back to College. He said he uses it alot and likes it. I got the second and third for the other two kids and will give one to youngest son for his birthday in May. I'll probably give my daughter the last one before she goes to a wedding at the end of May. My sister in law got one at Thanksgiving and was showing us how easy and fun they are. Woot seems to have them fairly often. You can get a warranty for it from Square deal, for a low price.</p>

<p>Costco sells them; great idea so you can try it for a few months and decide if you like it.</p>

<p>Didn't know Costco sells them! Wonder how much....and what do you mean try it for a few months? Does Costco have some policy with "trying"????</p>

<p>Their return policy is 90 days on electronics, and there is no questions asked with a return. If you use it and don't like it, just return it! I would just make sure you keep your receipt and all the accessories.</p>

<p>While there are people who abuse this generous return policy, for the more honest person it is a terrific deal. Buy the item and try it out for a while. If you really are not happy with it, return it.</p>

<p>I like my flipHD camera a lot but I do wish it had image stabilization like kodaks small camcorder.
I got mine at costco, taped a wedding with it. Flip share the program it comes with doesn't provide the greatest editting options</p>

<p>Funny you brought this topic back up. We had our flip stolen last summer (one that I gave my youngest son last May) and the insurance company replaced it with the HD version. It's come in handy for college visit video's!</p>

I not only video tape my D2's sports events, but I made her recruiting video from it. I actually import the individual segments to Windows Media and edited them there


<p>I have had trouble doing that . The flip seems to record in a file type that windows doesn't want to "play well with others"</p>

<p>Can you tell us what program you used for editing?</p>

<p>We also got a Flip videorecorder from Costco & so far I am happy with it. I have only recorded and not yet editted it. I need to work on that next. :)</p>

<p>What are the advantages of a flip videorecorder over a small camcorder? Are there any disadvantages?</p>