Anyone have a freshman thinking about deferring?

My daughter is a rising freshman at UDel. We just learned that most instruction is moving online and she will most likely not be able to live on campus. She’s considering a deferral although unlike other schools dealing with COVID, she needs to get approval for an “educationally purposeful” semester/year which may be difficult in a pandemic. It doesn’t seem as though they are letting you defer simply because you don’t want an online experience which I resent as a full pay, out of state family. Just curious if others are in the same boat and considering their options. Will your freshman just suck it up and start online?

While I appreciate that they needed to make a difficult decision that they felt was in the best interest of students and faculty, their communications have been unclear, uncoordinated and details are taking too long. I don’t get the sense they have their act together so I guess it’s no surprise they couldn’t pull off some form of on campus return for students. They communicated the decision on July 22nd and the town halls to discuss Fall 2020 aren’t scheduled until mid-late August. Not sure if others are frustrated too - compared to what we’ve seen from her friends’ experiences at other large schools and our experience with my older daughter’s smaller school, we are both feeling frustrated and disappointed.

There are many frustrated parents including me . If you look on Facebook there are 5 Facebook groups for UD. Long story short there will be 600 freshman on campus . The way they went about it was wrong on every level.

@arliegirl I’m a hs senior applying to UD.

What was wrong about how they handled this situation? Also, how is your child liking UD with it being online?

I posted on a current UD site. It’s all there . Lack of transparency and many more reasons . It sucks he is home and and all his friends at other schools away . He is in his room with no interaction with peers . He is doing well luckily but two semesters of this ? It’s looking that way.