Anyone have a scan of their acceptance letter?

<p>I've seen the Harvard scan. I'd love to see the Yale scan. Also, did you recieve a big enevelope? How big are we talking? And did it have a big "Congratulations!" on the back flap of the envelope? LOL! I'm just a little anxious, sitting here praying for my Yale acceptance letter next year.</p>

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<p>In my opinion, the Harvard letter is more impressive because it was hand signed and has more color to it. About the package itself, the envelope is the same size as any other large envelope. It's really understated; the front says Yale, and that's it. The admissions folder on the other side is actually a poster which you can put up.
Harvard sent their packet in priority mail envelope, so there's no envelope of their own. This might be different for other people, though, because my financial aid arrived in the packet, and the financial aid folder, which was quite large, was in its own envelope and could have been mailed separately.
(But the best-designed packet was definitely University of Chicago's.)</p>

<p>Stele, you might as well post your MIT, Princeton and Stanford letters as well hehe</p>

<p>what school did you choose?</p>

<p>but the hand-signed letter and note that your admissions representative sends to you later on is pretty impressive.... they make a personal note on that letter.</p>

<p>I applied and was accepted to Michigan State, University of Michigan, Northwestern, University of Chicago, Harvard, and Yale. It was easy for me to eliminate the first four (interestingly, both Harvard and Yale were only marginally more expensive than MSU or U of M, and several thousand dollars cheaper than Northwestern or Chicago), but it took me the rest of the month to decide where to go. I ended up choosing Yale at the very last minute (May 2).</p>

<p>I would have applied to Stanford, but they wanted the application by December 15 and I didn't start my applications until December 10. :D It's their loss of course. ;)</p>

<p>irock1ce: I got that from both Harvard and Yale. It's good to know that they actually read your application very carefully and remember you.</p>

<p>Can someone post a copy of the Northwestern University acceptance letter?</p>

<p>In about three months, I hopefully will. :-) <em>crosses fingers</em></p>

<p>LOL, somebody would have their letter scanned and ready to go.</p>

<p>Ooh, do you have a scan of the Harvard acceptance letter? I'd love to see it. :)</p>

<p>i only have georgetown and Chicago's acceptance letters. Chicago's packet was really cool. Gold leafed and embosses with phoenixes.</p>

<p>Where do you guys dig these up from??? Almost four years old...</p>

<p>Hint: Look at the date of their posts...</p>

<p>has anyone seen a harvard acceptance letter yet ?</p>

<p>Not again... die thread die...</p>

<p>KPillay: do something called "a Google image search."</p>

<p>Gryffon: you're not helping.</p>

<p>who's up for a little revival? I'll trade anyone my northwestern acceptance letter and a holographic Charzard for a university of chicago acceptance letter? I'll even throw in my blastoise</p>

Holographic Charizard?

<p>How about a mewtwo?</p>

<p>Could somebody please upload a photos of their acceptance letter, to Yale, Harvard, Oxford or Cambrdige. I have one for the Said Business University of Oxford if anybody needs to see it.</p>

<p>The thread.</p>

<p>That cannot die.</p>