Anyone have advice for my situation? (Having a hard time as a soph)

<p>I’m currently a sophomore having a horrible time at college. I didn’t make a lot of friends my freshman year and tried to transfer but got rejected. I don’t want to make up terms but I feel like I don’t have a core group of friends to eat or go out with on weekends. Ex. being friends with a varsity athlete, how can I be apart of that group? It’s hard for me to get friendly with people in my class because I’m quiet/shy in that environment. Also there seems to be no clubs that meet regularly that I would be interested in, that I haven’t already tried freshman year. Anyone got advice?</p>

<p>JOIN A CLUB. even if you're only slightly interested, it will give you people to relate to. There has to be SOME organization that appeals to you. </p>

<p>Good luck to you. This year I have to make new friends too because I transferring for the fall :[.</p>

<p>I was fortunate enough to join with my best friend, but over the course of the year just talking to people during break, or lunch i got to know them and what they like. I found one liked video games, went to hang out and eventually became good friends. Another like comic books, so we would talk about that and one time I just invited him to hang out, stuff like that. Find common interest, and talk, then later feel comfortable enough to hang out. Food is always a good excuse too =P..</p>

<p>I agree. The point of having clubs in college is primarily so that people can be grouped according to their interests. Join any club, you must have an interest in something... Good luck anyway, college can be hard sometimes.</p>

<p>I think you're going about it all with a terrible attitude. There's no clubs that interest you?</p>

<p>Most schools I've looked at have had tons of clubs for pretty much every person ever!</p>

<p>Stop being so down and depressed and get out there and be friendly, join clubs, talk to people.</p>

<p>I'm transferring into a new school this year as a sophomore, so I'm in a fairly similar situation. </p>

<p>Finding common interests can be really simple stuff. For instance, I met girl at orientation in June that I clicked with. She mentioned she liked a movie that I hadn't gotten around to seeing, and after I saw it over the summer and liked it, I mentioned that we should watch it together when we got to school. </p>

<p>Or you could form a club. My school doesn't have any clubs relating to environmental protection, so I plan on forming one when I get to school. The whole process pretty much forces you to meet new people anyway, because for must schools you have to have a certain number of signatures and members before the student government/senate/whatever will approve your club.</p>

<p>Try to form a study group for one of your classes, or just try talking a bit more before class to people.</p>

<p>Or get a job on campus where you'll be forced to interract with more people. You'll probably make a few friends on the job too, and it might help you be a bit less shy (I waitressed over the summer, and it helped me a lot with making small talk because your entire job depends upon your ability to talk to people you don't know).</p>

<p>I've noticed that the classes I talk to people the most in are my studio art type classes. With a normal class everyone just sort of shows up, takes notes silently, and leaves again. In a studio class, there are usually only about 10-15 people and you're probably there at least six hours a week and a lot of the time is devoted to just sitting there working on stuff, so you have lots of opportunities to chat with people. Of course that only works if you like to do that sort of thing.</p>