Anyone have any experience with Virgin Mobile or any cheap cell phone providers?

<p>I'm looking at getting a new cell phone this year and a plan from Virgin Mobile caught my eye, $25/month for 300 min and unlimited text+data, has anyone tried out a Virgin Mobile plan and have had any experiences with it?</p>

<p>Also, does anyone have any affordable ideas for using a cell phone? I'm pretty much paying this for myself and I really can't afford to pay $70/month to one of the big companies for another 2 years.</p>

<p>Thanks for any ideas or comments!</p>

<p>Grandparents have virgin mobile and seem to like it.</p>


<p>I have the Virgin Mobile plan. It's pretty good and I get pretty good service usually everywhere. However, the 300 minutes a month can get used up quickly. You just have to monitor your minutes. They also have 1200 minutes a month for $40 which would be a good plan also. You can also just add money to your account in case you accidently run over your minutes. </p>

<p>However, they make money on their phones as they usually don't give any discounts on them.</p>

<p>Also, their customer service is simply put, awesome. Their online system is very user-friendly as is their call-in system.</p>

<p>I have had the top-up Virgin Mobile plan for over 5 years and like it fine. I don't use a cell phone that much though. Agree with everything krustykrab posted.</p>

<p>I've also had the top-up plan for years--it's perfect for me because I don't use the cell phone that often. My son does a lot of text messaging, so I recently bought him a BlackBerry Curve and upgraded him to the $25/month Beyond Talk plan with unlimited text/email/data/Web plus 300 anytime phone minutes. I think that's the plan the OP is referring to. My son loves it! Actually, I'm tempted to upgrade to the same plan... :)</p>

<p>I had the Virgin Mobile plan this year and loved it. I never used more than 100 minutes and I was always on the internet and texting, so it was perfect for me. I used a LOT of the texts and data.</p>

<p>How is the reception with the Virgin Mobile plan? D is in LA, I'm in HI & S is in VA. At the moment, we mostly use internet but D likes to text & S may start using the phone more as he is not a texter NOR talker. These past few times, he actually HAS spoken with us.</p>

<p>Anyone with experience with competing plans? I have a tmobile $30/month plan that provides up to 1500 voice minutes/texts/month @ $30. It doesn't get reception where D will be living next year in LA. :( I actually enjoy chatting with her. Not sure I want to continue our over-priced Verizon plan much longer, as it will expire in < 2 months.</p>

<p>I have this exact plan and like it a lot. Since we also have a land-line at home, 300 minutes is plenty for me. I love being able to surf the internet and check my e-mail away from home.</p>

<p>Have also read a lot about PagePlus that is on the Verizon network. Anyone tried both plans (Virgin vs. PagePlus) & able to compare them? Reception? Customer service? Raves? Complaints?</p>

<p>The Virgin Mobile service for $25 or $40/mo. is hard to beat combined with their LG Optimus V Android smartphone. Keep your eyes peeled and you can get the smartphone for as low as $129 on sale at stores like Best Buy, Target, or Radio Shack.</p>

<p>Virgin</a> Mobile USA</p>

<p>My daughter has Boost Mobile.
$50/mo unlimited everything.
If you pay online, there's a shrinkage plan that reduces monthly fee by $5/mo after 6 months and then until it's $35/mo.
It works well for her.</p>

<p>Do you have to use the VM phones offered or can you buy an unlocked phone and use their card? This would be a nice entry level smartphone with me. My wife's phone just died so we need another phone anyways.</p>

<p>I haven't had any reception problems with the Virgin $25 plan. I'm not sure about using an unlocked phone. I bought my Samsung phone new at Radio shack for about 145 bucks. I was originally going to get an Iphone, and am so glad I got this instead. I would have been paying hundreds of dollars more. For my personal use and budget, the Virgin Mobile plan and Samsung phone have been ideal.</p>

<p>The LG Optimus that they offer looks quite nice - you can use it in WiFi phone mode when you're at home or the office instead of using your phone minutes.</p>

<p>The phone minutes aren't a problem for me - I use about 250 minutes per year.</p>

<p>I'll check out Radio Shack. I couldn't find a Virgin Mobile store locally - maybe they don't have local stores.</p>

<p>I am also curious about reception as my kids had trouble with that when we were on tmobile. What carrier's lines does Virgin & Boost use to route calls? I know that PagePlus uses Verizon network & that it worked pretty well for us.</p>

<p>Thanks for any info folks can share on the topic. Whoops, looks like most of the other carriers use Sprint. I know that has spotty coverage in our state, as my sister had it & hated it. Maybe I'll try PagePlus because I want to use the Verizon network but am tired of paying their prices.</p>

<p>They use Sprint - that was my concern too. I know that Verizon and AT&T work well in my area but I also haven't heard any bad comments on Sprint.</p>

<p>I told a friend about this deal and he's interested in it too. He's ready to dump his land line and needs more minutes than AT&T's prepaid plan - this would be perfect for him; especially now that he's spending less time at home.</p>

<p>We (DH, S1, S2, and I) are former Verizon Wireless customers who now use PagePlus, and we are happy with it.</p>

<p>I think we are switching to Virgin Mobile in December. They supposedly have a new smartphone out next month. I would prefer the Verizon network, but I want unlimited data.</p>