Anyone have any insight of Macalester College?

I am looking to apply at Macalester College. If you have any pros and cons of the college please write them below. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Very liberal (could be a pro or a con). Concern would be whether or not diverse viewpoints are tolerated.

It’s in a very nice neighborhood of the city, so it offers all the amenities of a city school-- public transportation, easy access to internships, fun things to do in the city, but it is also much safer and quieter than many urban campuses.

It has an “alt”, artsy vibe which may or may not appeal to you.

Excellent academics.

@Ineedsomeanswers - if you were a bit more specific, i am guessing you will get more information. what area of study, what geographic area do you currently live in, what are you looking for in a school ?

If you haven’t done so yet I’d suggest you get your hands on some good college guide books (ex. Fiske, Princeton Review, Insiders Guide) and read up on the school (and other colleges you are interested in).

Hi, do you know if there are internship opportunities for computer science and psychology in the Twin Cities? I checked it out but didn’t find any. I really want to get in to Mac.

Normally, yes there would be. Minneapolis has a diverse, healthy economy. Covid has thrown things into chaos, however, with many companies cutting back on internships. My son had to scramble to get his internship last summer, as the one he had arranged blew up at the last minute.

While Mac can be quite liberal, it does it in a mostly polite, "Minnesota Nice", way. 

As noted above, Mac is located in a pleasant, modest, residential urban area halfway in between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul. There is barely a high rise in site…mostly houses and low rise buildings. There are 4-5 other colleges within either walking distance, or a short bike ride. The two U of M campuses and all that they have to offer are relatively close, too. Both city’s are easily reached by public transit, though there are quite a few restaurants and shops within walking distance.

Mac has a relatively low profile locally. Unlike many of the colleges surrounding it, it draws from a national and international pool rather than regional. It is known for having vg to excellent academics, and for having a pretty happy student body.
Cons? Most people site the obvious one of weather. As LAC’s go, it’s a pretty good one, with the added bonus that it is in a pretty nice big city location, near to the airport, etc., unlike many top LAC’s. Until I know more of who you are and what you are looking for it’s hard to know what more to say.

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I’m an international student so this is definitely helpful. I was just curios about the stem opportunities Mac is affiliated with in their community.

CS is in demand right now, and opportunities can often be had with a prof doing research, if not with a company. I am not sure what they have for non citizens. Would be best to ask them. Again, Covid has made the job market hard to predict.

Oh, one thing to be aware of is that there is a pretty heavy gender imbalance, with 58% women.