Anyone have any miracle remedies for influenza like illnesses?

I just read there’s a flu-like illness outbreak in 12 states. My D is in one of them and has been sick all week - gradually getting worse. Sounds exactly like influenza but no fever and she got the flu shot in October. She has finals this week? Other than all the usual remedies (ie Tylenol, Motrin, fluids, elderberry, chicken noodle soup, essential oils, tea, honey, vitamin C, mediation…), has anyone found something that can fight and or mask the symptoms? None of the above have been working.

A week is a long time to have flu-like symptoms…has your D seen a physician?

Has she been home in bed resting all week? Rest is important. Or has she been carrying on with a regular schedule?
I agree with suggestion of dr visit to rule out things like bacterial infection, sinus or lung congestion, mono.

Thanks - it’s definitely a virus. It’s going around. No concern for strep, mono, or pneumonia… or anything that would require antibiotics. Been there done that more than her fair share so we know it’s a virus that needs to run its course. She’s been in contact with her Dr. - I was just wondering if there’s anything out of the ordinary that anyone has tried that has seemed to help. @Mwfan1921 Flu/flu-like viruses unfortunately can last 1-2 weeks.

I may not spell this correctly, but I have taken Oscillococcinum and gotten relief from achiness, weariness, and sinus congestion. It’s sort of a powder that you pour on the back of your tongue and then drink something to wash it down.

I am not generally a fan of homeopathic remedies (but NyQuil and Tylenol weren’t working for me), but it may be worth a try. Should be available at CVS, Walgreen’s, etc.

yup. I also vote for Oscillococcinum. take it as early as possible when you get symptoms of the flu.

A week is a long time to have flu-like symptoms.....has your D seen a physician?<<


I disagree. Flu will knock you down for at least a week!

These (2) docs agree: Flu -like symptoms and gradually getting WORSE after a week needs to be seen by a dr.

Oscillococcinum has no active ingredients. Like all Homeopathic “remedies” there is A, no proof that the original material (in this case, the liver of a Muscovy duck) has any effect, and B, it is diluted so much that if it contains any molecules of the original material, it is through contamination.

So what you are buying is, essentially, a tablet of sucrose + lactose. These is absolutely nothing else there but contaminants. If you are lactose intolerant, you will likely have a bad time after taking a few of those.

Drink some milk sweetened with sugar, if you want Sucrose + Lactose, and stop financially supporting the scam artists who produce this ridiculous concoction.

If you have the flu, drink plenty, take painkillers to reduce muscle pain and fever, and remember to eat well. Chicken soup does, evidently, help, especially in you make it from scratch with all the parts of the chicken, and with a good amount of vegetables (so make sure that there are onions, celery, parsley, and carrots, at least).

MWolf, I thought the same thing…and then I tried it. OP asked for a “miracle.” A guy named “LuckyCharms” answered. I cosigned Lucky’s answer. I’m good at finding four-leaf clovers. #serendipity (But OP, since it’s been more than a week, it’s probably time to see a doctor. I find Ocillo to be better when systems first begin.)

Elderberry Syrup.

Raw garlic and/or fresh ginger (take with a spoonful of applesauce).

The chicken soup made with the whole chicken, onion, celery, carrots, garlic and ginger, chicken stock.

Eliminate all forms of sugar, soft drinks, dairy from your diet.

Extra Zinc and Vitamin C. The zinc helps body absorb the vitamin C.

I guess that precludes Oscillococcinum tablets…

1000-2000 mg Vitamin C/day!!

Could this have possibly been the coronovirus. How did things go?

If you are concerned about being exposed to the actual flu, getting a flu vaccine is the best shot at avoiding the flu, despite it sometimes being mismatched (this season’s is only about 45% effective, according to , but 45% is a lot better than nothing). Of course, if you are already sick, you should consult your physician for recommendations if you are concerned.

For COVID-19, better hope that medical knowledge increases to where the risk of infection and bad results from infection are better defined, and that there are effective protocols that reduce the risk of bad results from infection to a level acceptable to you. We are not there yet, but that may come quicker than a vaccine.

Of course, the usual prevention like washing your hands with soap and the like can help reduce the chance of infection. Other typical immune system health boosters would be the usual things like eating healthily including lots of vegetables, regular exercise, not smoking, not being obese, getting enough sleep, etc. (see ).

@holychild - I’m just now seeing my notifications from past few weeks. Geez, I reread my original post and it really does sound like CoVid-19! No fever though.

Ironically my D was just yesterday telling me that she wonders if she had CoVid back in December! Honestly, I don’t think it was. It seems like that would have been too soon. But who knows. If anything, I’d bet money she was exposed in Italy while she was there this past semester. She had several potential exposures and mild symptoms. Hoping she can get an antibody test at some point as it will be interesting to find out. Anyway, she recovered fine back in Dec. She was very sick this past summer and is normally a really healthy person and had been trying to be even healthier since then so it was frustrating that she was doing all the right things yet still got so sick.

This didn’t age well. Glad you’re daughter is feeling okay though!