Anyone have experience with Pratt's merit scholarships?

On Pratt’s NPC section of their website they ask you to enter your child’s GPA as well as subjective evaluation of their portfolio (scale of 1-4) each time I enter different numbers I keep getting the message that she has “qualified for a presidents scholarship of $15K”. I thought this sounded promising until I saw that many different numbers kept yielding this same result.

so question to the group does anyone have any experience with how often Pratt actually comes through on this Presidents scholarship?

@festinalente82 Last spring my daughter was waitlisted then finally accepted to Pratt-Brooklyn. So she was probably a ‘borderline’ case for acceptance. Nevertheless she received ~$20K/yr merit grant! She just completed first semester there and is loving it! (BTW 3.3 uw gpa, 1230 SAT, good portfolio IMO).

@pickpocket thank you I only just saw your post today.
My daughter was deferred from EA and then waitlisted for architecture and it is her first choice.! frankly we were a bit surprised, herSAT is 1360 3.5 uw GPA from a very difficult boarding school in MA and strong portfolio. Her art teacher is a pratt graduate and wrote one of her rec letters. I am thinking it is because architecture is a small class and therefore even more difficult. Pratt has moved up to #7 on Niche’s list of top arch schools so maybe they are trying to be very choosey to keep their acceptance level low. Anyone else have experience getting into the arch degree program?