Anyone have experience with the photo workshops in Rockport Maine?

<p>The title says it all. Thanks.</p>

<p>Not yet -but my son will be attending this summer. He'll be in the color digital workshop.
His photo teacher at school says great things about the school in general, although he didn't know that they have courses for high school kids. I guess that's fairly new. The teacher has attended adult courses there in the past, and says it's wonderful.
When I called the Maine school, they said that they will be doing quite a bit of outdoor activity this year. They want to make sure kids don't spend all their time in front of the computer. The man I talked to sounds very nice, and assured me that the living quarters were quite adaquate, as they bought a motel nearby. They also provide for transportation to and from the airport for an extra small fee.
Is your s/d interested?</p>

<p>I've been familiar with that area for 40 years or so and the photo workshops have been running for a long, long time, with an excellent reputation. Rockport is a beautiful village right on a beautiful harbor. PHoto ops, natural and manmade around every corner.</p>

<p>Camden and Rockland, nearest towns, have all the resources and entertainment kids could ever want or need.</p>

<p>"Camden and Rockland...have all the resources and entertainment kids could ever want or need." Are we talking about the towns in Maine? Beautiful, yes, but hardly a mecca for high schoolers looking for fun.</p>

<p>My D went to the high school black and white workshop 2 years ago and loved it. My family is in Maine so I am very familiar with the area -- it is beautiful. Yes, Rockport is a small village but there are plenty of other high schoolers at the workshop -- my D never felt bored -- they do take a few day trips to photograph.</p>

<p>mol10e - you don't know my highschooler! :)</p>

<p>Hiking, kayaking and photography - three of his favorite things all at the same time in a beautiful place he's never seen. It's only a couple of weeks - then he'll be back to bustling SoCal.</p>

<p>Camden and Rockland, let's see...working waterfronts, beautiful sailboats, restaurants, shops and more shops, bookstores (new and used), ball fields, freshwater lake for swimming, state park for hiking, another state park for saltwater swims, ferry rides to islands, day sails on schooners, movie theaters, lighthouse museum, art museum, art galleries (I assume these are kids interested in art?), more shops...</p>

<p>I malls</p>

<p>Rockland is not the same as Rockport.</p>