Anyone have good experiences finding roommates on craigslist?

<p>I am moving out of my parents house in early august because I can't stand the family drama anymore and I'm 21, I need to be out on my own already. I have a job, but I'm looking for a second one on the weekends just to make sure I have some extra cash that I can save. I found this ad on craigslist; two girls (i am female as well) were previously roommates but are moving closer to our college and looking for a third roommate. I have only lived in a dorm (away in an out of state college) and at home. I'm kind of weirded out by living with strangers but idk my first roommate I didn't know and it turned out ok. I'm just scared they aren't gonna pay rent or steal from me or idk...i've heard so many roommate hell stories. Of course I plan on meeting them and talking to them, but you never know...</p>

<p>You never really know, of course, but isn't it just as likely that a roommate you knew previously will bail on you, eat your food, etc.? Obviously, meet them before signing the contract and make sure they don't seem sketchy. You might also want to check out their Facebook (I know, weird voyageur mode on) and make some judgment about whether they're anything like you.</p>

<p>Craigslist is where creepers congregate. Just be safe. Make sure you meet them first. As the person above mentioned, facebook stalk them. Google them even. Caution is key in this situation.</p>

<p>It's really unlikely that the person whose ad you saw is actually a crook. Obviously, if you're poking around the missed connections or erotic services area, yeah, Craigslist is weird. But plenty of honest students use Craigslist as a way to pawn off their furniture, make housing arrangements, etc. I mean, I've used Craigslist and I'm not a creeper, and you probably aren't either. I've actually always thought Craigslist was a typical way to meet potential roommates, particularly for young professionals.</p>