Anyone have luck with changing to instate residency for GT

We have been planning to move but stayed in our current state (i.e., not Georgia) as DS was in a very good HS. Now that he is graduating HS we hope to finally move and are considering Georgia or Florida. DS has not yet decided but is leaning towards GT.

If he attends GT and we move there in July would he be likely to receive instate tuition next year? I looked at the residency requirements and it is not that clear so was wondering if anyone has had any success in doing it.

We would probably rent outside of Atlanta or near Savannah at first. We are both retired so would not be working in Georgia, but we would have drivers licenses, register to vote, etc.

Any experiences that you can share would be appreciated!

In general, you have to be a GA resident for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the first day of classes for the term for which you are seeking in-state tuition. So he probably would not qualify for instate tuition for this fall, but he should qualify for the school year beginning Fall 2022.

Thanks, I knew that this year would not be possible. When I looked last night I was certain I had read the criteria for tuition were a bit more than those for determining tax residency but I just re-looked so I could copy the wording and it seems straightforward enough. Thanks very much!

You’re welcome. We moved to GA last summer, before my child’s senior year of HS. We initially got assigned nonresident status by Georgia Tech. Getting it switched over to resident status was not especially difficult. The biggest thing they want to see is proof of a GA state tax return for the year prior to intended enrollment. Other documents such as copy of a lease, driver’s license, vehicle registration, voter registration, etc. may be helpful as well. In my experience, the GT staff is pretty responsive to questions and concerns. As long as you can show that you’re a legitimate GA resident, you’ll be fine.

The tuition status of a dependent student is tied to the residence of the parents. If the parents do not live in GA and claim him as a dependent on their tax returns he will not qualify. He would have to live in GA for 12 months, or his parents would. After you live here and establish your residency, he would then qualify.

Correct. I’ve been assuming the child is a tax dependent of a Georgia resident. If the parents are not in GA, but the child is, he would have to establish that he is independent and meets all the residency requirements himself.

We are not in Georgia now, but thinking of moving to Georgia. Were trying to decide between Georgia and Florida, but if he picks GT, then it might as well be Georgia.

He is a dependent. From what we gather, he would be a dependent 12 months after we move there, if we do. Thanks again!

He will be a dependent the entire time you live here as long as you claim him as one on your tax return. However, if you live in Georgia for 12 months he would qualify for in-state tuition.