Anyone Have Premium Online Usnews?

<p>I got the printed version (College edition) thinking it was the same thing only in book form, which means it would be more convenient to look through. However, I found out that the online version, although it lacks articles about preparing for college and stuff, has a more comprehensive list of rankings. I realized that the book form is loaded with articles that I don't have to read to know. I should have just subscribed to the online service. Anyway, if anyone has the Premium online version of the 2005 usnews for best colleges, I would appreciate it if you could post the entire list of Specialty Rankings: Accounting. The book form has only top 5 listed. (Sorry that I don't want to pay for the online version myself, but after getting the printed version, I don't want to spend any more $$ on things like this.) Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>Well, I think it's something like this:</p>

<li>University of Florida</li>
<li>Indiana University - Bloomington</li>
<li>NYU / UC Berkeley / ND (Notre Dame)</li>
<li>UNC - CH</li>
<li>Wake Forest</li>
<li>Arizona State
University of Iowa</li>
<li>Michigan State
University of Washington</li>
<li>University of Virginia</li>
<li>University of Wisconsin - Madison</li>
<li>University of Arizona</li>
<li>University of Georgia
University of Missouri - Columbia</li>
<li>Penn State - University Park</li>
<li>Northern Illinois University
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities</li>