Anyone have success with hand scoring?

<p>I received my SAT Reasoning scores today and I am really quite surprised that my CR score is low (660). I felt reasonably confident in my answer choices, save 3-5 questions that were sketchy. I've been thinking whether or not it would be worth it to ask for hand scoring. I do have a tendency to mark extremely darkly and hard on the answer sheets. Plus, I often mis-grid my answer choices when I accidentally or purposely skip a question, forcing me to erase entire groups of questions within a section and leaving indented or faint marks on the answer sheet. Does that really affect a computer scoring the answer sheet?</p>

<p>Does anyone think it would be worth it to request hand scoring?</p>

<p>Has anyone requested the service and found their scores to be higher than initially reported?</p>

<p>Any input is greatly appreciated.</p>


<p>Don't pay for hand scoring -- it will not change your score. The machines are designed to read accurately even with stray marks, erased answers, etc (they are EXTREMELY accurate). Rather, what you must realize is you thought you did well because Collegeboard tricked you -- the CR section is designed to trick smart people and provide false answers that seem right (be sure to go with your gut on the ez ones, against ur gut on the hard ones). I reccommend getting the blue book from CB and practicing a lot more. From the March to May SAT I raised my CR from a 660 to an 800 so it can definitely be done. Good luck!</p>

<p>um not necessarily, mine were off and handscoring in the process, have verbal confirm that there was a difference + for me. So if you think so, go ahead and go for it if your positive</p>

<p>I got the same score. I dropped 70 points from last time, which was 730. I significantly improved on my other sections. I don't know if a should have my SAT hand-scored. Perhaps there were one or two eraser marks. I'm sweating because I need ten more points (2250) to qualify for certain programs. I felt much more confident on this test's reading sections, thinking more clearly and using the same strategies that worked successfully last time.</p>

<p>how do you request hand-scoring, because I feel like my math grade is off, I usually get over a 700 and I only got a 670 and I've had scantron problems before....</p>

<p>You people are really going to spend all that money for like 50 points? Seriously, that can be a difference of 2 questions (everyone makes mistakes, reads questions wrong, dumb things happen) You do realize that you can take the test again for less money than hand scoring.</p>

<p>When there are only so many test dates left, and subject tests to get in, not always an option. </p>

<p>And the most important thing, if one thinks they deserve a higher score and deserve a higher score, why would one not handscore if they can afford to and it potentially could be the difference of ever having to do this test again. there is no transparency with college board to ever know if you did answer correctly without hand scoring it.</p>

<p>It isn't a differenc of 50 points for me, significantly higher than 50 points. Stupid if I did not ask for hand scoring.</p>