Anyone having issues with Covid isolation reentry?

I am to a certain degree and was just wondering if others are, too. I’m not an introvert, but have really become hermit like the last year. I’m the organizer of get togethers. I find that other than really super close friends, I’ve lost that motivation. But I enjoy doing it. I’m more tired than usual, and have to make myself get outside. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on 2 mini vacations, and still go out. But I find I’m really tired afterwards and want to isolate. I’m not depressed, but oftentimes don’t feel that spark I’m used to. I was actually reading about this, it’s a thing. Anyone else feeling it?

I’m having similar issues. Part of that is due to continuing to work from home, I’m sure. I thought I would be all about resuming social activity, but I’m still home most of the time. I’m happy to hang with my husband and our kids and that’s about it! You’re not alone!

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Other than being irritated when I get asked to do something and remarking that I liked having no obligations last year, I’m fine!

Doing great, just fine!

I didn’t mean to reply to @mama2004 but to the general thread


DH takes an immunosuppressive medication. Recent research and medical journals have reported many instances where other patients taking the drug have had no response to the vaccine and have zero antibodies. I feel like we are in a holding pattern because we are still wearing masks and being super cautious. I have a hard time trusting others and still want to limit socialization. It makes me feel a bit down because we placed a lot of hope in the vaccine and it’s hard.


The pandemic didn’t change my social interactions much except for not seeing family members. I guess a bonus during this time of not being a very social person! I didn’t feel that many changes except for daily routines like working at the office, in person shopping and of course ,some domestic traveling we might have done.

Staying home, enjoying home, solo activities - all largely part of a lifestyle I have always preferred!

However with all things pandemic, let it be ok that you don’t or can’t flip the switch automatically


@conmama I don’t know if you live alone. I do. I think the isolation was different for those of us who live alone- it was pretty total. And yes, I got to like it, and yes, I feel tired now, when seeing people and having conversations. I walked by the ocean every day and feel almost nostalgic at times. I had to leave my nest, which was a usually seasonal rental that went on for the whole isolation period, and am feeling so displaced and even unsafe.

@helpingmom40 I am sorry for your situation, which a friend of mine shares. I took some prednisone between shots and to a lesser degree, wonder if I am safe.

I think everyone I know has changed their routines in only minor ways and slowly. Many are still wearing masks. We need to be patient with ourselves and others!


It may be time for him to reconsider mask types more for self-protection, rather than concern about others, since most other people around will be vaccinated or voluntarily unvaccinated. Hence, the N95 masks with outlet valves that were frowned upon before vaccines were available may now be more desirable for him to use now.


I’m kind of the opposite. I am a pretty introverted person and didn’t really mind the time at home THAT much although it was a lot with the whole family (20 yr old and a 17 yr old who are both itching to spread those wings and husband working from home). I am used to having more time to myself. I work from home and usually am home by myself during the day. With the pandemic it was family time all the time, which was kinda nice, but now I am ready to get out and have some friend time and some not at home time and some by myself time too.

I am still a little cautious about being maskless in restaurants, but a friend and I just spontaneously met up for lunch (outside) and did a little shopping for her after. I feel kinda energized now when before that might have left me feeling like I needed more alone time. Parties always do that.

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This ^^^

A friend has gone to the movies (twice now) and I’m not ready. Another has enjoyed dinner out (in an actual restaurant) with family and I’m not there yet. Another friend is making plans to go to a show at the Hollywood Bowl and invited me…you guessed it, I’m not ready…

I’m not sure “when” I’ll be ready, but it’s not now. I’m fully vaccinated, but I’m just not at the “trusting others” stage - kind of the same place I was at the beginning of this whole thing - I was taking precautions but I wasn’t sure that others were…my therapist friend keeps using the phrase “baby steps” but for me it’s feeling like far less than that!


I have never liked crowds so Covid helped me avoid them.

My first live but masked and socially distant event was at the end of April. I was vaxxed and two weeks out so comfortable under those conditions. However, when anyone came to shake hands, I recoiled! I am better now.

I flew last week. Crowds, sitting next to people, but wearing a mask. It was fine.

I still prefer meeting people outside to eat or walk. Will that persist? As the summer gets hotter maybe not. I do hope that some of my socializing continues to be in the “let’s take a walk” form.

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S is immunocompromised, so it’s been ages since we’ve seen him. He got the vaccine as soon as he could and plans to visit next month. However, I doubt that he will want to see relatives who chose not to get vaccinated.

We’re being cautious before S’s visit, and also because we have a young grandchild whose parents refuse to get vaccinated. Last year they asked if we’d take care of their baby should anything happen to them.

I read recently that fewer than 40% of adults in our state and the contiguous states are fully vaccinated. In some it’s less than a third. That doesn’t make me eager to get out in crowds. I have no desire to shop when we need to divest ourselves of so much to downsize to our new house. Eating out has no appeal for H, who can’t hear in noisy crowds even with his hearing aids. I think we’ll be slow to get back to normal as we watch what happens with the new variants.

Yes! I am fine spending time with the friends I kept in my bubble during the quarantine, but other than that no, I do not wish to socialize with you yet! My work had a luncheon with a few new hires I haven’t met yet. I haven’t been out to a restaurant yet, so declined to attend especially since I am still working from home. I used my son’s divisional track meet as an excuse.

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I’m realizing how much of my social life depended on the NYC subway system. The crowds and collective insanity of it all are no longer the draw they once were.

I also take an immunosuppressant. For more than a year, I didn’t go grocery shopping or to a store or anywhere really. When dh came home, his clothes went straight into the machine, and he took a shower. I am really social but was pretty content in our bubble, which included the neighbors on either side. I’m thankful for them.

I have started doing more of the shopping and flew last month for ds1’s graduation. While in that city, we ate out in a restaurant. So, I’m OK with “riskier” behavior, but I’m OK as I’m living now, too. Later this month we’ll be flying to see ds1’s new house. Basically, it’s risk vs. reward for me … if I want something bad enough, I’ll do it. Movie theater? Nah. I didn’t love them before the pandemic!

Yes. I had to force myself to go to a reunion of former co-workers today. I don’t have much motivation to socialize. At all. I have always been a homebody and this certainly has proven it.


It’s interesting that some people have mentioned using a somewhat unrelated excuse for not attending some social function. I just say “I’m not comfortable doing that at this time”. People get it. If they don’t, oh well! I think the more we are honest the more others will see that everyone is at different comfort levels at this time.

As someone who was fully vaccinated very early due to my work (mid-February), it has been a liberation not to wear a mask outdoors for the past few weeks. I have started seeing clients in my small, windowless office, rather than the big meeting room I used before, and if I know they are fully vaccinated (they send me a photo of their card for me to enter into the electronic medical record at the community mental health clinic where I work one day/week), I invite them to take off their masks. At first it definitely felt weird to eat indoors, but I got used to it, although restaurant meals are by no means an everyday thing–maybe 3x/month. If the weather is comfortable outside, outdoor dining is nice in Brooklyn and Manhattan, a bonus of the pandemic! As I posted elsewhere, I went to a big indoor party the day before Memorial Day when the weather was awful outside, and it felt really strange at first, but it didn’t take long for it to feel wonderful.

I wear my mask in stores and on the bus and subway per the rules, and if anyone still feels more comfortable wearing a mask when they are with me, no problem! As I tell my clients, this was a huge universal trauma and it will take a while to get back to “normal,” which will likely be a new “nornal,” just like NYC a year after 9/11 felt different than before.