Anyone having problems with jan admission

<p>I just sent in my application to bc and bu. I just got a reply from bu that they are pushing back my application to fall admission :(!!!! This also has happend to me in UW:(. Is this common practice? I'm waiting of BC, i hope they dont do this to me again. I already graduated and i dont want to be a year late!</p>

<p>Did you have your application in to BU before the November 1 deadline? If not, then maybe that is why you are being considered for the Fall 2005. Otherwise, I have no idea.</p>

<p>Correction, i ment Boston college</p>

<p>Yeah i sent it in before the Nov1 deadline. This is very fusturating, this is the 2 time this has happend. Both in UW and BC. If i knew this crap was going to happen, I would of applied for fall admission.</p>