Anyone having trouble getting on MyUCF?

<p>My daughter can't seem to get into her MyUCF online. Anyone else having problems? It takes her password, but then won't connect.</p>

<p>S's account's working with no problem. We just tried it.</p>


<p>Thanks for the response. Must be my computer:(</p>

<p>I know the other day it was down for maintenance. Think that was Sunday... maybe they're still having some downtime for a bit?</p>

<p>For some reason I can get on using the Netscape browser, and my daughter can with her Mac, but we can't using Internet Explorer....weird.</p>


<p>I checked at school (very old version of Internet Explorer) and it won't let me on there. Here (home) I've got a new version and it lets me. So outdated IE is probably the issue.</p>