Anyone hear anything yet?

Wondering if anyone has received any emails this week (after Jan 14th auditions) for acceptance? We were told that notifications would go out this week from that days auditions.

My son’s status changed to “Under review” on the portal…I think that means they are deferring the decision until after all auditions are complete.

@nodaybut2daymom we can’t seem to access the portal - is that the general student portal or another?

@kBSMOM It should be on the myRider portal. They sent a log in after you submitted your application. Look under perspective students and the application status. Hope this helps!

@nodaybut2daymom looks like my D was accepted for Art Adminstration, says nothing about MT. I guess this means a no.

Son received acceptance into MT in today’s mail. Told him at auditions in November but official package came today! They seem very talented warm and caring! We also know another family who has a son there who is two years ahead of our son and very impressed.

S was accepted yesterday with Provost scholarship offer. Acceptance came in mail in nice folder with well written letters and acceptance forms. Will see what other MT acceptances and offers come in and seriously consider. Looks like Rider is moving on up!

Just received a no from Rider from my NYC Unified audition, but I wasn’t really feeling it anyways so that was expected! Plus I didn’t really feel it was a fit for me, but congratulations to everyone who has been accepted!

Just got my yes in the mail!

Woah i checked my status online and it says a decision was made and i’m admitted! I auditioned at the NYC unifieds!

I got my acceptance letter in the mail about a week after I auditioned at NYC Unifieds! So excited, the program is really moving up and I’m highly considering it as I wait for decisions from other schools.

Got my acceptance today!

What is everyone’s thoughts regarding the fact that Rider has eliminated several majors the past 2 years and may sell WCC?

@lookingforarolemodel - interesting you brought this up. My D did not get accepted into the MT program at Rider - however, the day she was auditioning I picked up a Rider school newspaper which was in the hallway. The front page article was about how WCC may consolidate with Rider and how WCC is concerned it will diminish its reputation as an outstanding Choral College if consolidated to the main campus. In addition the article stated that Rider has been facing financial problems and needed to increase enrollment (you would think they would look to do that with the MT program since they have so many applicants!) I had expressed my concern with my D after her audition that if she got accepted, would the school be financially viable by the time she graduated. She did get accepted into Arts Admin - but won’t be attending. Although she was disappointed she got rejected for MT, I think she knew I was concerned about what was going on with school financially long term.

So if the MyRider portal/Application Summary and Status says “Admission Status” = “Decision Made”, “Decision” = “Admitted: Deposit Required”, and the “Program” = “BFA in Musical Theatre”, does that mean my D was accepted? Seems too good to be true. We haven’t gotten an email or letter yet. She auditioned Feb 10th.

@MTmomma that sounds like an acceptance. My D was accepted but NOT for MT, for Arts Administration - so if it say BFA in MT, your D was accepted. Congrats!

I agree @LBSMOM. We did not feel the school was a good fit for my D when we auditioned for Rider. We were disappointed because we had high expectations of the program. Once we saw the information regarding WCC we decided it would not be something we would be interested in. I know any school can have financial issues, but I am not a risk taker. I feel badly for those Freshman/Sophomores that were in majors that were eliminated and were told to switch majors or transfer.

@MTMommma yes that is def. an artistic acceptance. That’s what my S’s portal said and later he got the big envelopes. I must say even though he knew he was in, getting the written letters was something to behold. It just made it a bit more real.

Are you attending?

There is a new Dean for the School of Fine Arts. We are very impressed with his direction.
The MT program is one of the most highly successful on Campus, so if cuts were to be made, they would not be with
MT curriculum. The new dance space is almost finished. There is long term backing for the program. Looking forward to a great senior showcase in NYC for the class of 2017!